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HPT/OPK lady - October 11

hi ladies...i am NOT by any means trying to start a fight, but i HAVE to know what the deal is...why are alot of you ladies getting on my case on here for sharing my PERSONAL experiance with OPK's and HPT's? i REALLY didnt mean to offend anyone by sharing, i just thought that if anyone else had a similar thing happening in their lives, that this would provide some help as to what they needed to know...THATS ALL...so what is the deal, why are people saying such hurtful things to me, and being rude? i would really like to know what exactly i have done wrong...thank you, and PLEASE try to be somewhat nice about it. thanks!


we have had it - October 11

Every month you, or someone like you comes on this site claiming this. Not to be mean but it gets tiresome for those of us who are looking for help. Every month this person says yes I detected pregnancy with an opk!! then confirmed with hpt. Two to three weeks later they are back.....so you see why we do not care.


HPT/OPK - October 12

first of all...i am sorry...i have been coming to this site, and i dont recall reading these other posts, the one that i posted before was to be more of a discussion board than anything, NOT to be attacked by you all, so when i researched it myself, and did my own experiment, in MY case it worked...i DID (yet again) use the tests for what they were intended for, but also did some playing around, i am sorry for offending anyone (again) and for the record, this post and the other one that i did were the only ones that i have written, NEXT TIME, try and be nicer to posters, WE MIGHT NOT BE THE SAME DAMN PERSON WHO POSTED BEFORE, i was getting off of this website in tears wondering why the hell you would all be so mean to me everyday, and now i know, but for future referance, communicate better instead of acting like a bunch of snobby highschool girls, and namecalling...you women are not gods, and we all have our own right to say our own opinion, but within reason, to be hurtful is just plain ignorant. THANK GOD I GET TO MOVE ONTO THE FIRST TRI-MESTER AND GET AWAY FROM YOU PEOPLE!


you go! - October 12

hpt/opk, you are exactly right! alot of the people on here do act like a bunch of stuck up high school girls....they are just a bunch of miserable human beings who get off and hurting people....if you don't like what you read don't answer it! it's as simple as that, if you were a decent human being you would do just that...........i'm sorry you were hurt, but there are people like that on every forum i have been to, you just can't get away from them.....



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