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Laura - October 11

Okay, here's the deal: For the past 3 months I've thought in the back of my mind that I could be pregnant due to an onslaught of possible symptoms and also for the past month my abdomen has slowly gotten bigger and bigger (I've taken pictures every week to compare). The thing is, though, I've taken lots of urine tests and even a blood test and they've all been negative. I even bleed for a few days at the same time every month, and today a nurse pract_tioner felt the top of my uterus and declared that it was at a pre-pregnancy size. What the heck is going on?? She drew my blood to check my thyroid, but I seriously doubt that's the case. It's all so perplexing. It might be psychosomatic, but I've only had the idea in the back of my mind...I'm not going around saying I'm pregnant or anything. What do you guys think?


to laura - October 12

your rnp is lame, a doctor cant feel from the outside a "pregnant uterus" untill the growing uterus rises above the pelvic cavity, around month 4!!! only an internal exam or an ultrasound can pick up a baby before then. i would ask for an ultrasound!!!! If you are one of those rare cases, your rnp is going by the "text-book" cases she sees. Have her check your blood for pregnancy too!!! keep us posted...................


steph23 - October 12

hummm... I'm really not sure... I would have them do a ultra sound... I'm jus really confused my self.. I'm 9 days late...and i test on the 3rd day late and it was neg.. I'm jus nervous to test again and be neg.. but i've never missed my period before for this long. and my b___st feel heavy and nipples are sore. my nose is stopped up, headaches, gas and moody.. like the other night i was jus being a b___h to my friend for no reason..


to steph23 - October 12

you have all the symptoms my girlfriend had. I would take another one, i bet you are!!!!!!


Laura - October 12

Thanks, you guys :) Yeah, I definitely need an ultrasound because if I'm not pregnant then what the heck is going on with my abdomen?! To give you an idea of the kinds of symptoms I've been experiencing I've basically experienced all the known ones lol. Frequent urination, sensitive nipples (they're even tipped white), a line running from my belly b___ton to the top of my pubic hair, exhaustion (I have to take a nap every day and sleep 9 or 10 hours every night and then I'm STILL tired), sensitive nose, nausea as soon as I would wake up in the mornings (even before I would get out of bed) off and on for several weeks. Weird, huh?


Indi - October 12

Not to scare you, but I am a cancer survivor. I had an 11cm tumour on my ovary. I thought I was pregnant because my stomach was getting bigger and bigger. My af went funny because the type of tumour actually releases the same hormones as pregnancy (ironic). Again, this is not to scare you, but your best bet is to get blood tests and ultrasound like laura mentioned. She's also right about the uterus...your nurse doesn't know what she is doing. Go see an obgyn and when you do, bring your pictures so they can see the differences for themselves. Remember, some women will get BFN on tests for a long time even though they are pregnant. You could be preggers, or it could be something else...abdominal problems, a benign cyst, a tumour, some sort of hormonal or vitamin deficiency... don't just accept what that nurse said. If you feel strange it is not in your head. It took me 5 trips to the ER, in pain, before anyone would take me seriously...when they finally did the ultrasound they saw the tumour and the hospital went nuts trying to bend over backwards for me (fear of lawsuit much?). Anyway, hang in there and keep us posted.


to indi and laura - October 12

Wow indy, your story truly puts into perspective the importance of listening to our bodies when it comes to these symptoms. you are right, God forbid if it is something as serious as cancer. we need to demand that our health care providers listen to us so we can be treated early and properly, pregnancy to cancer!!! It is great to hear you are a survivor (especially ovarian) Congratulations! Laura, hang in there, but yes, demand to see an obgyn or specialist at this point. Keep us posted!!!


Laura - October 12

Thanks for sharing your story, Indi. You are a very strong woman for getting through all of that! Thankfully I haven't experienced any abdominal pain, but there's probably a period of time in which the tumor is simply growing painlessly. I definitely need to get an ultrasound...how to convince a doctor of that is another story! You guys got any tips??


to laura - October 12

do you live in a big city. if you do, you can find a doctor who does private practice and owns his own ultrasound machine, he will take cash or bill your insurance for you. Any group practice or hmo you will probably find it almost impossible!!! I was a pharm rep and we know all the doctore, if you are outside of a hospital and you see those chicks with the carts all dressed up, ask them, they can help you find the obgyn reps who know everone. Hope that helps!!!!



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