What Is Going On Help Please

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KDP - April 26

I have not had a period since Feb 20th. I have taken many home pregnancy tests and they have all been negat_tive. I even got one blood test done a few weeks ago which came out negative. The other night after intercourse I was spotting for a few hours. Now once again I feel like I am crazy for feeling like this is still a possibility. If I am I would be 9 weeks pregnant. Either that or I have some other medical problem. I would love advice, opinions, etc.. I have a doctors appt. tommorow with my gyn. I went a different doctor for the first test. Has anyone else been in this situation and been pregnant ? I'm 24 and married and my husband and I would be thrilled if I was. If not then it would be okay. I promise whatever happens I will post my results so those who are having similar feelings can find out what is going on with one of your peers.


KDP - April 29

I went to the gyn and she told me she didn't think I was pregnant. She did have a hcg blood test taken to make sure. She said she didn't feel any ma__ses in my uterus. She believes I am not getting my period because I stopped taking the pill in Jan. Even though I had 2 normal periods after I went off the pill. I pretty much believe now that I am not pregnant because my doctor seems to strongly believe that I am not.


Jenice - April 29

Well, I can't say whether you are or aren't, but I am in a similar boat as you! Except I don't have my results back from my blood test yet. My suggestion...ask for an ultrasound! (That's what I might end up doing!) Because that way you can see for sure, and your mind won't play games with you! Good luck and *baby dust*!


natasha - April 29

yup.. i agree with janice.. ask for an ultrasound. it can be more clarify.. good luck!


KDP - April 30

I took a blood test on Thursday. My gyn said she won't have the results until Monday. Though I had more random spotting last night. I also promised I would post my results even though I don't think I am pregnant. I'm not having any other symptoms besides a lack of period and cramps. Thanks for responding. I'll keep you updated.



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