What Is Going On With My Cycles

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anamariaflorencia - March 5

Ok, so I took my last birth control pill in September (6 months ago). I had 2 "normal" periods, in that they were right on time (28 days apart), then had one period that was 13 days late (41 day cycle). Then had a period 2 weeks after that one started (so a 14 day cycle), and now haven't had a period in 46 days and counting (18 days "late"). I tested a few weeks ago, when I was one week late, negative. I don't want to waste anymore tests, but I'm pretty convinced I'm not pregnant (no symptoms, negative test). I thought 6 months would be enough to get my body back into shape. If I remember correctly, before I went on birthcontrol (11 years ago when I was 14 years old) my periods were between 31 and 36 days apart...but never 46 and counting. Has anyone had such sporatically timed periods? Can this mean that one ovary isn't working properly? I assume this can make it more difficult to get pregnant. We're trying to get pregnant in the sense that we're not preventing...but we're not keeping track of anything else (because in the past, getting pregnant has consumed me and all my time). I know that six months of trying isn't really that long, especially when you're not tracking ovulation, but it is for my family (all of them, on both sides have gotten pregnant during their first s_xual experience and fairly quickly after giving birth thereafter). Oh well, I guess there isn't much of a question here, but I would love some comments.


VenusdiMilo - March 5

Anamaria, I’m sure you know that every woman’s body is different (no matter what happened in your family). And, it can take some women up to a year or more before their cycles get back to normal after coming off birth control. I know you said you didn’t want to get too consumed with TTC and all that but you also don’t want to a__sume anything either. Charting for a couple of months to make sure you’re actually ovulating wouldn’t hurt…that’s just my opinion. Have you been to the doctor to make sure everything was alright? Good luck!!


Megs - March 6

My cycles vary as well... :-( It does make it more difficult to get pg becuase you don't know when to time intercourse. Have you thought about using OPK's??? Like Venus, temping for a few cycles just to make sure you are O'ing regularly and all??? I would highly suggest it! I too come from a family that every single female I know got pregnant on their first s_xual experience and when they were "trying" they got pg the first cycle... It is kind of irritiating but again, Venus states and I keep telling myself, we are all different! our bodies are crazy at times!!! :-) Good luck!!!


BeccaBaby1 - March 6

My cycles are highly variable too. I've been off of bc for a year and I am not regular. My family members easily conceive too (sis working on #3 in 4 years), but like Venus said every woman's body is different. At first I wanted nature to take it's course so I didn't track anything for the first 3.5 months. I'm now almost to 5 months ttc and I just began temping and charting this cycle because it was maddening not to know what my body was up to in the process. I think rather than creating a pregnancy obsession, keeping track is helping to calm me and be more aware of my body (and it takes only a few minutes each morning). Maybe try it for one cycle and see how you like it. GL.


anamariaflorencia - March 6

Thanks for your advice ladies. How do you suggest I track? Temperature or opk or what? I don't think I want to chart everything, including cervical muscus and days dh and I bd...cause then I will become obssessed. 19 days late today. I wonder if I'll just skip this cycle and go right into the next.


anamariaflorencia - March 14

Ok, so now it's day 56 since my last af. Still nothing. What am I supposed to make of all of this. Does this happen often?



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