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best - March 27

I had intercourse on the 26th of feb and I thought I ovulated then, but I have done a pregnancy test on the 22nd of march and it was negative (clear blue) I have br___t pain for a while now, which I always have 1-2 weeks just before my period starts and then it starts and I felt the same on my first pregnancy and it goes a day before my period starts...now I am waiting for my period and nothing..I am really worried, either I am pregg or something is definetely wrong, I feel reallly bloated, lot's of burmps and belching....it has been about a month since I had intercourse, now is it possible to have a negative wrong pregnancy test after all this time...should't your hcg be high enough to be detected..I am really worried now..waiting for my period , all the signs of it coming but no sign of it! Any idea


best - March 27

btw when i took the test it wasn't FMU but I think my urine was consentrated because I didn't go to the toilet for more than 4 hours..?


louise - March 27

wait again and test sounds like you did it too early


jena - March 27

your hcg isn't necessarily high enough to be detected right away - i agree with louise - wait at least a couple days and test again - good luck!


best - March 28

but this is not right away it is 2 weeks past my due period( I think, I have got irregular period) do you think that 2 weeks late is too early....I want to know is the false negative result that common or is it just some rare cases and we are exagerating just to give ourselves hope..what do you all think??


best - April 1

it is about 35 days since intercourse, negative test on day19 and sore b___bs, lot's of discharge....anyone else?


jena - April 1

i strongly recommend getting a blood test - that will most definitely put your mind at ease - regardless if you are prego or not... can you get one?


best - April 1

well it is not that easy , I am in the uk, I don't want to tell my husband before I am sure, not to make lot's of fuss about it....I will take another test tomorrow FMU..hopefully!



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