What Is Likelyhood Of This Causing Pregnancy

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Marie - May 19

Hello, I am worried that I may be pregnant. I am showing early signs.. Such as my period coming early, and showing signs of being light from medium to light to light, and also I am having stomache aches or cramps on an almost daily basis. Interesting thing is though.. I have never had intercourse. I have been with my boyfriend and the most we have done is m____ee one another. He fingers me, and I have stroke him off.. The thing I was worried with is that his finger may have gotten in contact with his sperm, than he proceeded to finger me? Also, likely his sperm may have dried on his fingers? Does this make any difference? Is there a very slim chance of pregnancy? A few people advised me that there was little chances, however, I am still wanting to be better safe than sorry. I am not ready for a child.. It could be my hormonal changes, etc., since I am only 17.. Please give me suggestions, thoughts, etc., would be great.


DM - May 19

Chances of getting preg. like u mention are rare. Sperm doesn't live in the light and less if dried. Be careful.


Maria - May 19

I would have to agree, the chances of you being pregnant are very very very slim. Try to relax, maybe your anxiety over the possibility is making you feel like you are. Our minds and bodies are very powerful. Good luck to you and yes be careful. lol!!!!


To Maria - May 20

Hey, I am also having a problem very much like yours...Me and my boyfriend have not actually had s_x..but pretty much the same thing without his p___s inside me. I haven't gotten my period for almost 9 weeks..I have every sign of pregnancy, like back aches, pain in my legs, stomach aches, tiredness,peeing a lot...plus not to mention no period in 9 weeks..I did just stop birthcontrol i was on it for like 1 week and it wasnt for me so im contemplateing if its from that or not..Everyone tells me to take a test. Even though the chances are rare..It happens so even if its rare take the test if nothing else it will ease your mind and help you to stop worrying about it. Im basically writting to comfort you and let you know, that you're not the only one feeling the way you are....I really hope everything turns out the way it should.


Grandpa Viv - May 20

Just possible, but not likely. If he fingered a glob of fresh wet s____n into your v____a, that could do it. If you are still worried, take a home test June 4th first pee. It may not be long before you decide to go all the way. Buy condoms and a backup method (v____al spermicide or bc pill) and stay away from your fertile days CD 8-16. Goodluck!


shelly - May 20

ur very likely to be pregnant, i tink u should do a pregnancy test jst to be sure..



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