What Is The Deal

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what is the deal - November 10

am i the only one who can't see any recent threads on my screen. it stops at the ones from 4 something this morning


m - November 10

I can't either.


anonymous15 - November 10

nore me.maybe they've all been deleted?


E - November 10



Queen B - November 10

I cant see them either..


same here - November 10

maybe it has something to with all of the mean threads that used to be here.


E - November 10

I think so. They are gone as well as all of the threads that had only letters and misc words. The strange thing is that a large number of threads without fights are missing.


E - November 10

It has to be a glitch b/c the same thing is happening on all of the forums. If it were targeting the fighting, they would certainly clean up the teen area don't you think?


linzy - November 10

I can see quite a few threads, are you out of the states?


E - November 10

Hey, check out the "poor taste" link to the right!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. Not a bad idea.


linzy - November 10

I have noticed that lately too, I wonder why that is there now? any Ideas


E - November 10

Apparently there are moderators on this board. I was wrong. I had no idea. Well, good. I just hope that people use good judgment b4 reporting threads and they do not click that link for every little thing they find offensive. If something can be stated tastefully, it should be allowed to stay.


annaliese - November 10

that doesn't help me.... i posted here for the first time today,people started to reply now all the advice is gone for no reason! :O(


linzy - November 10

that is not fair, some of those ?'s that were deleted probably really neede answers. Yesterday I read on one of the posts that it was from the operator of this do you think that is true, do they really come on here and write things?


E - November 10

I don't think it was an actual moderator given how unprofessional the post sounded, but you never know. Maybe it is a glitch that is the byproduct of this new link they added. It is possible they did not mean to erase all of the threads.


linzy - November 10

what do you think they mean by poor taste? I am begining to wonder myself if there is some kind of glitch in the system because I stated that I could see the threads and now I am not able to. I wish it will all be back to normal soon. I love this site everyone on here gives great advise.


Queen B - November 11

I have a poor taste in my mouth.... Guess it has something to do with one of our symptoms. ha



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