What Is The Earliest You Can Take A Hpt And Test Positive

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Renea - April 25

Does anyone know when is the earliest you can take a test and have a real positive result? Also, I have seen online, preg. tests that can detect hcb at 20, rather than over the counter ones that detect at 40. Has anyone ever tried one of these-how accurate are they and when was the soonest you could try one of these types?


Kris - April 25

I got an EXTREMELY faint positive on a Wal-Mart Equate test. When I say extremely faint-I mean, you could only see it in the sunlight and it was VERY VERY light. I got a blood test the very same day.. my HCG was only 8!!! Still waiting to get my second set of numbers to make sure everything is going well. I don't think the Dr. could believe that I got a positive urine test. That was Friday (22nd). I took another urine test today, and the line was very obvious after 3 minutes this time. So, if you're not sure, just wait 3 days or so. (I know... harder said than done)


Kris - April 25

Oh, I forgot to say, the Wal-Mart Equate test is only supposed to detect at 100, but of course you have to remember that different times you pee will have different concentrations of the hormone. (early morning is always best)


bump - April 25



Amy - April 25

I used 2 different types of hpt's the day before I missed my period. One was from The Dollar Tree store and one was from The Dollar General store...Both tests detected at 25 and they only cost $1.00 ....I got a BFP one both so I know they work well..Good luck hon.


m.m. - April 25

I know exactly what you mean. I was very skeptical about online hpt however I'm now a believer! After I got my Hpt from online, I tested and got a very very faint positive. The next day I tested in the morning and got a darker positive. Still being a skeptic I went and bought first response and got a positive! So now I am going to see my doctor Friday morning. The longer I waited between tests the darker my line got, but I made sure to test either first thing in the morning or several hours into the day when I hadn't drank a whole lot of liquids. I hope this helps. I know exactly how you feel!


jojo - April 25

i got a +++++ 5 days before with aucuclear



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