What Is This Cm

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meg - October 18

I am due to ov this week. have been really dry down there for 2 days. this evening I was watching TV and felt relly wet, I had a MASSIVE Globul of really rubbery, what seemed like ewcm, but was different to all other months when it is like egg white. today it was like rubber, in a ball and huge. i cant bd tonight, have I missed my chance?


bump - October 18



bump - October 18

bumpy please


To meg - October 19

Hi, meg! Sorry, I really can't answer your question. I think I might be pregnant for the first time and have been asking several questions and have been completely ignored too several times so I know how you feel.


mel - October 19

Sorry but other like me may just not know the answer


to meg - October 19

meg--you are right---this was areally valid question---i do not knew the answer----but some woman answer such stupid questions ---that i knew that they just relpy stuff to make other happy---for example when someone rights their syptoms.-the relpy is ---YOUR PRGNANT...yeah right....they just write the stuff that the person asling wants to hear and when they find out they are not pregnant---they are soooooo hurt.


Grandpa Viv - October 19

This is an unusual post. The gooey glob of discharge post sometimes seems to relate to formation of the mucus plug, but in this instance you give no indication that you think you might be pregnant already. Sorry.


patty - October 19

meg---maybe youshould take a hpt,just in case. oh-and let us knew!


hi meg - October 19

cm is cervical mucus


hi meg - October 19

i dont have any idea about rubber,is that white in color? actually why dont u buy ovulation kit as it w'll be helpful to as my doc told me that buy that kit and never told me to check ur cm. i hope this might help u


Jenny - October 20

Hi meg! Your post really stood out to me b/c the same thing has happened to me 2 months in a row. I have had a normal af inbetween so it wasn't a sign of pregnancy for me. I too was watching tv and felt wet and found what I equate to as "rubber cement". Really firm and bouncy, not strachy, per se, but malable. The first time I though it was ewcm....but this last time, a few days ago and what I think was post ov. I noticed the gob again. It came roughly 2 days after the ewcm....which now I know I have and can tell the difference-it's thin and slippery and clear and stretchy and there's a ton of it. If your gob was like mine, I don;t think it was ewcm. BTW, ever since I've been paying attention to my CM as a way to predict ovulation (this was my first month in doing so) I've realized that I ovulate way earlier that I had thought. I never used to count those spotting days that came before my period...sometimes up to 4 days! So my date of ovulation must have been off. Only been ttc for 3 months. It's nice to know that someone else out there has experience this strange rubber cement stuff!



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