What Is This Discharge Could I Be Pregnant Help Asap

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Bre - June 17

My last period was may 24. June 4th I had unprotected s_x and about june 14 I began having a brown discharge. It was almost like being on the last couple days of my period. It was light, but I still wore a pantyliner to prevent soiling my undies. Anyways I had s_x again the 15th and the brownish discharge completely went away yesterday. I have Also had some mild cramping and nausea. I am having trouble sleeping at night, I just toss and turn. I have also been feeling exhausted. I have zero energy. I dont know if thats because I started a new job or what. Any information that anyone could give me on what is going on with me before I schedule a dr. apt. would be great. thanks


cat - June 17

i am in the same boat as you. my last per was May 26. and I was with my hubby a few times around June 6-9. My per is due the 22 of june but started bleeding yesterday but not a lot but more that spotting for an hour then stopped and I started spotting brown stuff today. I started having tenderness and light cramping in my abdomen too last night. I felt nasea a few times earlier this week. I cannot offer much help for you because I also want to know whats going on with me too but I figured I would respond so you would know that you are not alone. I hope all works out well with you.


Kory - June 17

Implant bleeding maybe? I don't know for sure but by reading some of the other questions on here it seems that it might be that. Good luck!


bre - June 17

Implantation bleeding crossed my mind too except isnt it just spotting? This isnt exactly heavy but its not light either. I HAD to wear a pantyliner and now its very very light. barely there at all. I've been reading around too and just cant find any answer. except that it could be a really light period :( which is not what I want to hear.


K - June 17

Hey Hon, if you last period was May 24th, and you are on about a 28 day cycle, you would have ovulated around June 7th. But your FERTILE days would have been June 4th-8th. So, there is a chance you could be pregnant. As with Implantation bleeding implantation bleeding is typically short in duration and quite light. Approximately one third of all pregnant women report bleeding that is a__sociated with implantation. The presence of implantation bleeding does not increase the overall risk of miscarriage, however. Most pregnancies will continue until term without further bleeding. I found this info from the site listed below. http://sheknows.com/about/look/224.htm Here is a site to get a cool ovulation calendar. http://www.cogenttechnology.com/epl/csovucalcin.html



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