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Sara - April 20

I am worried I may not be able to conceive. My mom got pregnant the first time she had s_x and then got pregnant again the second time she ever had s_x. I guess she cut s_x out for awhile after she got pregnant the first time. My sister was on the pill for years and finally got off when she was married and she got pregnant twice within two years right away. My grandma even had 5 children one after the other. I have had unprotected s_x for years. With 3 different guys. And I never have came up pregnant. Not that I was trying at anytime but now that I have settled with my future husband, we are having s_x literally 4 times a night about twice a week or so and I have yet to get pregnant. What is wrong with me? I have had normal paps and he is fine also. Why was it so easy for everyone in my family history to get pregnant right away yet it is taking me a long time?


Sara - April 20

By the way my boyfriend always likes me on top but intead of me being straight up on top, he has me put my feet against his thighs so that way my body can lay close to his. I told him this could be making me get pregnant harder but he says it should be easy since I am sorta laying down. Is he just being crazy or am I?


Audrey - April 20

Sara- Every woman is different. Have you consulted a doctor about possible tube blockage or low egg production? The timing is also important. Counting Day 1 as the first day of your period, count 14 days after. In a normal cycle this is when you would ovulate. A woman's "fertile zone" is considered to be days 9-16. So instead of tiring yourselves out, try it every other day during that time frame. Your man needs to have a rest in between times too, so more new sperm can be produced. Best wishes!


Sara - April 20

Thank you Audrey. Is this position my boyfriend likes making it harder or easier? I am not to crazy about it but trying to please him. Of course I get my way too but I don't think it is the best way to conceive with me on top. And why put my feet against his thighs. I feel restricted that way. Guess I should talk to him about that but anyway. Wanted some opinions. I will go to doctor soon if I am still not pregnant. Thanks again.


Sara - April 20



Beth - April 20

Being on top does make it harder, because gravity takes it's toll. The best position to be in when he c_ms is on the bottom. Then you would want to elevate your hips for around 20 minutes afterwards. Also, having an orgasm within a minute of his orgasm helps push the sperm up to the egg because of the contractions. Hopes this helps. **baby dust** to you!


Grandpa Viv - April 20

IMHO the position is not all that important, but he should be trying to please you as well as you him. Start charting at fertilityfriend.com When you go to the doctor the charts will help him diagnose any problems. Good luck!



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