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Kiersten - February 12

I've been experiencing headaches, sickness, temperature changes, cramping, heartburn,for the past week and a half and the past two days the area right under my second left rib has been aching (several inches above the belly button). I don't know if I've just caught something or what, but I was hoping you all could give me some advice! Thanks!


izechsmama - February 12

have you taken a pregnancy test? i'd start there and then go from there...


frozenfeet - February 12

you're symptoms sound promising! Are you late for AF, how long is your cycle, are you ttc? I agree with izechs...a test, is a great place to start!! GL


LIN - February 12

Maybe you just ovulated? That would explain most of your symptoms.


Kiersten - February 13

Thank you all for responding- I appreciate it! My husband is going to get me a test tonight. LIN, I never usually get all these symptoms when I'm ovulating. I do get some cramps, but ...I don't know. This just feels different. I guess we'll find out soon enough! :) i went off bc Jan 28 and had some light spotting off and on from Jan31-Feb4, but not really a period. If I was still on the pill I'd be getting af today or tomorrow. BUT, since I bled some after I went off the pill I'm not really sure when I should expect af. Do you think that was actually my period or just a side affect from going off bc? I'm going to test anyways, just to know, but wanted your input. Thank you!


frozenfeet - February 13

Well, that's a bit of a different story as going off the pill can make you feel like you are having pregnancy symptoms. You see, you've changed the hormone levels in your body and system and that can result in physiological changes in your body....such as the ones you've described. GL to you


Kiersten - February 13

frozenfeet, so you think it's just side affects? :(


DaBonkElsMe - February 13

I would say YES!! BC messes with us! Many of us will tell you that after going off BC our cycles were all messed up for a bit and we thought we were pregnant every month. I would say just wait a bit, if you do not have your period by th end of this month, then take a pregnancy test just to be sure, but it is very likely that your period will return and you will just take a while to get your normal cycles back.


frozenfeet - February 13

Yes, I agree with dabonk....


Kiersten - February 13

Thanks guys- I appreciate your input. It's my first time going off bc so I wasn't sure what too expect. Guess I was just hoping. :) Good luck to all of you ttc! Let me know how it goes! lol


Kiersten - February 13

Sorry; meant "to expect" not "too expect"



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