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this is something i do not understand at all..... when i get hungary.... i make foood jus waiting soo i can take a bite into it( sort of like having cravings but its jus that im really hungary)... welll right when i smelll and see the site of foood after it is all cooked and me ready to eat... i feel verry nacious..... even when i take a bite of food..... i cant even finnish three bits and i just feel really sick to my stomcah and i need to stop ( i feel nacious but never thorw up)... it is an awful feeling and i have been expierencing more and more as the days go by..... can you give me some advice please on what you think...SIGN OF ME BEING PREGOS OR NO??? ...........


Well.................... - May 24

have you been having unprotected s_x? when was your last period? Have you taken any tests?do you keep track of ovulation?


to well............... - May 24

yes i have had unproteed s_x..... in april.... two weeks before my period... when i got wut i though twas my period but it lasted for about a day n a half... verry light to where i only seen when i whiped..... i did take tests.. i toook three that was verry early..... ( on april 27th before i go tthis type of bleeding).... .... one came out positive.... other dint cmoe out at all... and the trhid came out negitve but nverry light.... after that... about two weeks after i toook anothr one but it came out negitive but it was the one that if yu took 4 days before period( wich for me it was around three weeks)..... that it would only be 43% accurate.... but i was jus thinjing that since the hormomes are a;ready changing me that maybe it would detect it...


........ - May 24



Grandpa Viv - May 24

Your signs of pregnancy depend mostly on progesterone, which increases sooner than hCG in your urine. Wait until at least a week after your regular period was due and test again, first pee in the morning. Good luck!


wondering - May 24

thank you Grandpa Viv.... im gong to go to the dr about a week after i miss my period...... i shouldnt of tested at alll ealrier then this but i just felt that it would come up... i am not even goign to waist my time on buying a hpt...i am just going to go streight to the docs... cuz if i come up i am not prego then that means that somethng must be wrong with mybody... thank you all


.. - May 24

wondering im glad that you are going to go see your doctor. if it was me i would have went as soon as i got the bfp.


nnnnnn - May 24

ohh noo im sorry you msisunderstood me.. iam wopndering if i AM PREGANT... i am not sure yet... sorry i misled you



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