What Kind Of Cm I Should Have At 9dpo

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kisses - July 9

I'm on 9DPO but i noticed that for the past 2-3 days my CM seems to be creamy.It should be dry right if AF is coming. Is this a sign of pregnancy?


Binx - July 9

I have the same creamy cm. I am also 9dpo. Yesterday I had a huge amount of slippery cm in the morning and then creamy cm from then on. I actually feel wet at times (sorry tmi). I would like to know if this is a good sign too!


Ruth - July 9

I too am 9DPO. Yesterday I had really slippery cm and felt really wet. This morning when I woke up there was a lot of white creamy cm. Also Yesterday my cervix was low and kind of hard, today it is really high, soft and wet. Sorry for all the info. Also my b___bs have been sore and swollen for four days now, but this morning they are not as sore, but I have gotten spider vains right above the nipple. I have never had this before. I also have had a head cold since Tuesday and have been very tired. I sure hope this is all a sign thatI am preggo.


sas - July 9

I'm 8dpo have very creamy cm too and very sore b___bs. Each cycle is so different for me so who knows this time. If only! Its been 7 months ttc now.


kisses - July 9

anybody whoose having the same experience as me,binx,ruth and sas, we want to find out if this is a sign that we are PG. thanks


bump - July 10



Paula - July 10

Hi Kisses, well for me my cm has been very wet, thin, and cloudy since o. I am now 8 dpo and no real strong signs of prego, just elevated temps that keep going up. Maybe a little tired. I don't know. When I was prego with my dd I had every sign in the world, and this time nothing. But it is the same with the temps. They stayed elevated. I hope it means a BFP in the future. If you like you can see my chart and tell me what you think. Here's the link: http://www2.fertilityfriend.com/home/487a7. Are you taking your temps? They are really a big help. When I compare the charts they are no comparison. I think you should temp until af comes and see if you see temp progression.


Paula - July 10

I just want to say that I didn't mean to imply that af come, but until you get a BFP.


kisses - July 10

hi Paula, thanks for your reply, i've been charting my temps for the past 5 months and based on my temps i usually O'ting between CD 14-17, so we BD on those 4 days straight, i don't have any PG symptoms that much except for sore b___bs. which can also be a sign that AF is coming, i just noticed that my CM is not like this from the previous months so i just like to know some info about it. But this morning about 3am i really had a bad cramping that lasted for a couple of mins then i had spotting. then right now i'm still having a brownish spotting which i don't know if AF is coming or if this can be a PG sign. I haven't tested yet coz i want to wait for a couple of days, coz my AF is due probably by tues or wed. So i'm really scared and don't know if this spotting is a good or bad sign. I really wanted to get pregnant and been trying since last year. Hope I'm pregnant.


Paula - July 10

I hope that it is ib, and stop soon. Have your temps dipped or they elevated?


kisses - July 11

I Paula my temps went down from 97.8 to 97.5...what do you think?


Paula - July 11

I will temp on more day if it is still down and not at you baseline, then it probably was af, Sorry. Keep me posted.


annette - July 11

Hi , how r u all? i am 12dpo, and since 9dpo, i too had been having very creamy cm, and sore bbs... i am also wondering what this means.. did any of you test this week? lemme know if any of u had bpf...


PrettyPeaches - February 25

**I saw this thread when I had these symptoms and was wondering if anyone got a BFP, and I just wanted to post saying that I did** My cervix at 9 DPO was high and hard, with creamy CM. I tested 4 days before period was due, and got a very faint positive with First Response. Tested 2 days later and I had a definite positive :)



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