What Kind Of Discharge In Early Pregnancy Do You Get

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kristinlee22 - August 6

Besides having sore br___ts/nipples, tired, headaches, feeling alittle nausus at times... I wondered what kind of discharge do you normally get in early pregnancy? My period is due tomorrow. I ovulated three days earlier than normal... day 11, instead of day 14. and for the past five days or so Ive been having more and more symptoms. Sorry for TMI.... I just had a bowel movement and noticed some White lotion/creamish kind of dishcharge when I wiped. Have any of you ladies had this before in early pregnancy?


vonzo - August 6

Hi there, this discharge more than likley came from your bottom. When you pa__s faeces your bottom produces mucus to make it easier to come out. I have IBS and notice this alot as i find it quite hard to go to the toilet sometimes. If you only see it after a bowel movement i would think it was just natural lubrication. Hope this helps. xx


billsgirl - August 6

WHAT!!!! i think what happened was while you had your bowl movement it probably was just a coincidnece that you noticed the cm at that time. i highly doubt it came from your rear. have you tested? you certainly have all the symtoms!


krissy2006 - August 6

Ok Sorry Vonzo but that would NOT be normal. It may be normal with IBS but not someone who has regular BMs. Kristin, there are so many variations of the kinds and quant_ties of cm you can have in early pregnancy that it isn't a good indicator. However, many women do say they have more lotiony cm when they find out they are pregnant. While even still other claim to be completely dry and even others still claim to be wet but with no visible cm. Hope this helps.


krissy2006 - August 6

I for one have very little cm unless I do an internal check, and then it it is very abundant and either lotiony or watery...


tynadu - August 6

You can check to see where the cream is coming from. Just wash your hands and stick it into your "V" if you are able to see med. to large amounts of cream then you know where it is comming from. It could mean BFP or it could just be some extra cream for no reason at all. Or like vonzo said it could have come from the back-end. I have read about that and it has happened to me a time or two in my life......When we are trying to get that BFP we can have every sign known to man. For years every time I thought I was preggo I had so many signs and symptoms, but when I got my BFP no signs at all just a high temp. Good luck......I hope this is your month! ***babydust***


kristinlee22 - August 6

After having the bowel movement, I did check where it was coming from and it was my v____a. Def was not from my rear! lol I did take a test earlier today and it was negative. I tested with a dollar tree test. I am suppose to get my period tomorrow. So I dont know if i tested too early or what? If this was implantation that I had from July 31 - Aug 2, then maybe I tested too early? Right now, I have heavy feeling b___sts, headaches, very tired, Im having some white thin lotion like CM... not everytime I use the restroom, but I def see it on my underwear. Im going to wait a few days to test again. Im so hoping for BFP!!!



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