What Kind Of Prednancy Signs I See The Next Day

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heiress - January 20

can I notice that I am pregnant the next day after I had s_x? I had s_x once and I am scared that I could be pregnant. We used condom, but anyways... can someone please answer?? are there any signs the next day already? if yes then what kind? if no then when I would spot the signs? I`m just worried and I really hope I am not pregnant.


BeckyBunny - January 20

There is no way you would see signs the next day. Our bodies have a very short fertile period, and even if by some chance something leaked out of the condom, you would have to be close to ovulation for any sperm to catch an egg. After conception, it takes anywhere from 4-12 days for implantation to occur. Some people start to feel signs immediately after implantation, others don't until they are around 6 weeks along or further. If you are truly concerned, Just wait to see if your period shows on time. If your period does not show on time, test when you are a week late. Good Luck.


confusedgrl - January 20

no, the egg/sac is what lets off the hcg into your body which causes the pregnancy symptoms. it has to implant first. implantation of the egg does not occur til typically 7-10 days past ovulation. if you are really worried and there is a possibility that you are going to be s_xually active, i would get on birth control and use a condom like you did. the likely hood of pregnancy, as long as the condom was used properly, is less then 1%. dont fret, stressing over it can make your period late. the odds are that you are in the clear. good luck.


heiress - January 20

oh. thanks! but then I dunno if I have to drink the if I have to drink the emergency contraception pills. cause when I would spot the pregnancy it would be too late for it... uhh... I just really hope I am not. My period should be after a week, but they are still not regular... although I had them for more than 3 years.


Lexa - January 20

There is no need for emergency contraception if you used a condom. From what you wrote, there is absolutely no need to worry about pregnancy.


heiress - January 20

omg thanks! I really hope so...



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