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Meval - February 24

As of today, i'm 15 days late. No sign of pd at all. i've had some light discharge,nausea,headaches,sleepyness and slight pressure on my lower ab (does not hurt) and urinating alot. I have tested several time and all hpt have come back negative. My doc says to wait a full two weeks then she will check me out. I have asked for a blood test, but they want to wait. I a really curious as what is going on. I am never late for my pd. How soon can a ultrasound detect a pregnancy? How accurate on the hpt and blood tests? I am at a loss. I would like any feedback,please! Thank you! -)


Grandpa Viv - February 24

Did you have a contraceptive mishap about Jan 26? It is possible not to test positive until 2 weeks late, sometimes more. Your doc is following what seems to be normal British practice of not getting excited until you miss a second period. An ultrasound would pick something up by now if you were, and a quant_tative blood test is more sensitive than a pee test, but in socialized medicine that is an expense that is frowned upon. Good luck!


sososleepy - February 24

Hey Meval. Define discharge, describe color. If it implanted really late, and hGC is going up at the slower end of normal, yeah, keep testing.... Over here in the states we can satisfy the p on a stick compulsion via $Tree one dollar tests (and a visit to peeonastick dot com, one of my favorite sites). Those have helped me a LOT! It's too early for most us, although a v____al us can detect earlier. Hang in there! I'm at 9dpo testing daily.. all neg, but so so hopeful. Hopeful for you too.


Meval - February 24

Sososleepy? exactly how i feel. Sorry for the tmi but the discharge is slight brownish in color. I have tested with the dollar tree test and will continue. I keep hoping this time i am pregnant. My hubby and I have a beautiful 8yr and would really love to have another child. I am not getting myself worked up though. I am taking it easy. Don't need to stress out. I will test again in a few days. Is it possible to implant really late? Is it common to test postive after more than a week late? Thank you all for your help!! -)



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