What S Going On Someone Help Please

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Anna2u - May 11

My LMP was 04-04-06...I had s_x during my fertile days. Around 04-28, I started having unusual symptoms for my PMS. Tender br___ts, more erect and very sensitive nipples, a 'butterflies' like cramping in my pelvis and lower abs, an increase in discharge. May 04 came and went and before that, I took some HPT's. Negative all the way. I swore I was pg. I took one this past Sunday and got a VERY faint positive. Well, last night I had cramping and what started out as spotting, so I went to the ER. The did a blood test and said I was not pregnant, but the pelvic exam showed I had some uterine changes telling of pregnancy. Now I'm bleeding heavier, but it's still not like a period of mine (very heavy, very - clotty, and I get horribly sick) that's a week late. Is it possible, that even with the blood test and the bleeding (pink, no clots, thinnish) that I could still or be pregnant at all? Someone help me please. I have symptoms now of Bacterial Vaginosis and that's also not like me. I need some help, because the Dr. (lol) in the ER just dismissed me and said go see another Dr. basically. Has this happened to anyone else? Could everyone be wrong and I could be pregnant?? Thank you.


kimberly - May 12

Sounds like maybe an early miscarriage. Only a Dr. can tell. I am suprised the Er doc didn't mention this as a posibilty. Many women have a early miscarriage and most don't even know it because they a__sume it was just a late period. That is the problem with pregnancy test being so sensitive. Women find out their pregnant earlier and sometimes miscarry when if they hadn't tested they would have never known. It can be so hard to go through, just know that you are not alone.


NicoleM - May 12

If your hpt came up with a faint positive, as long as you didn't read it after the 10 min, then you were probably pg. You can get a false "evaporation" line if you read the test after too much time, but it sounds like an early m/c to me too.


Emma2 - May 12

Could very well have been a chemical pregnancy. Heavy bleeding indicated not pregnancy . Good Luck


Anna2u - May 12

Thank you all. My bleeding has got very heavy now...and the cramping is awful. I'm going to my reg doctor Monday. I am very angry with my care at the ER and that makes this harder. I've been reading forums about m/c and chemical pregnancy and even though this wasn't planned, it is still very hard. I take solace in knowing I am young and hopefully, when the time is right, I will be pregnant again. Thanks again - I felt kind of 'crazy' for a while.


Angelttc2 - May 12

Anna, I'm very sorry to hear about what has happened to you. The doctor in our ER in my town also refers women with OB/preg problems to an OB doctor. He says that he is not a specialist and that is who should handle such issues. I live in a small town, and there really is nothing that they can do in the ER. Again, I am very sorry and wish you the best of luck.



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