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Pipa - October 16

I haven't had a "normal" period since July 1. I had a period Aug 7 which was about 2 weeks late. Since then nothing. Negative hpts but had prego symptoms like nausea, major bloating, frequent urination, and such. Today I started cramping and realized that there was a little bit of clear discharge with blood. I am continuing to bleed but not heavy it is like spotting. Anybody have any suggestions!? I am really confused. I was really thinking that I was prego and getting excited. Now I don't know what's going on! Please help!


Pipa - October 16

Forgot to say that I have other symptoms too like being more tired than I can ever remeber being for an ongoing period of time. Also, heart beating really hard and fast. Any help would be appreciated!


To Pipa.. - October 16

Did you recently go off birth control pills? If so, that may be the reason...If not, I'd go the dr. and get a blood test. Good luck!


Pipa - October 16

I got off b/c about 5 months ago but I wouldn't think it would still be messing things us would it? I am going to the dr. tomorrow. Thanks for responding.


Amanda - October 16

Hey pipa! Well i stopped taking b/c 5 months ago too! But i have now missed 3 periods my last one was june 24th! I am having alot of symptoms and i started getting cramps about 5 days ago they arn't sharp just really uncomfortable! I took another hpt yesterday morning and it was negative so i am so confused and dont know what is going on!


Pipa - October 16

Thanks for that Amanda. I guess I would rather think that I have been experiencing some ill effects of b/c than the possibility that I maybe was prego and lost it. The symptoms you mentioned were they pms or pregnancy symptoms? Even though I have only had negative tests, I really felt pregnant. I guess it could have been in my head, but that's hard for me to believe.


Amanda - October 17

Your welcome! The symptoms i am having i have never felt before for pms so hopefully they are pregnancy symptoms! I have had all negative tests to and i really do feel pregnant!


Pipa - October 17

I had cramps too not really pain though just uncomfortable, this I am feeling now is pretty darn uncomfortable though! From what I've seen on this site I don't really trust hpt that much anymore. You should go to a doctor soon and listen to what your body is telling you. I really hope everything works out well for you and keep in touch to let me know how it goes. I guess I'll still see the doctor tomorrow even though I am bleeding. I need to talk to him about all this and figure out my next plan of action.


Amanda - October 17

Yeah i will def. let you know whats going on with me! Let me know how everything goes tomorrow with your doctor! Yeah my cramps are just uncomfortable! And i dont trust hpt's either i trust my body more than some test! I heard that you can still bleed and be pregnant so i dont know but i hope everything works out for you!


Pipa - October 18

Well, I went to the doctor yesterday. Though I am still bleeding (not heavy) I insisted on getting a blood test just because I need closure. I am expecting it to be negative b/c my period but I wouldn't mind being wrong. I am feeling better than I have in a while so maybe I was having about 2-3 months of pms! lol not something i want to experience again. They're supposed to call with the results today I'll let you know what they say.


Amanda - October 18

Yeah def. let me know what your results are! I hope everything turns out good!


Pipa - October 18

Well, the doctor didn't call so hopefully I will hear something tomorrow!??


Traci - October 18

Amanda and Pipa I am going through the EXACT same thing. I'm glad to hear others are too. It is so strange, I really feel pregnant (fluttery heart, cramps bloating, etc) but all my hpts have said neg. too. I have only been off bcp for 2 1/2 months though. I am confused though because I am now almost 3 weeks late (by last period was end of August). I don't know what to do. I hope everything works out for you guys!


Jen - October 18

Pipa, there have been a couple of months where I had every symptom but AF ended up coming. Then I learned that stress can do weird things to your body. I would call your doctor instead of waiting for them to call you.


Pipa - October 19

Still haven't heard from the results of the blood tests I keep calling but they keep telling me that the doctor will call as soon as he has the results. My period stopped. That's not normal at all for me I am usually heavy for like 4 days but I was not heavy at all and it only lasted like 2 days. No pregnancy symptoms! What's happening? I am not sure. My mom didn't have any symptoms when she was prego do mothers and daughters usually have similar pregnancy experiences?


Holly - October 19

Hi Pipa, I am in the same boat as you. I just stopped my "period" (counting the last time I saw any spotting) yesterday. Today, my cv is high and soft and i have white cm again. My temp has stayed at 98.8 for 5 weeks straight and the only time my cm changed was with the starting of the spotting last wed. I still feel pg. I had 1 pregnant sign on a digital last month, but neg after that including a blood test. My doc is going to do a sono on the 31st. My b___sts still hurt and are itchy now, including popping out of my bra. I've heard of getting sore bb before and during AF, but never after. According to the chart I just started I would be ovulating on day 6 of my cycle? So, i finally called them and demanded having a sono and some other tests. I am 37 and this could be something else. I have 6 children, so I know when I'm pg. IF it wasn't for that bleeding and the neg tests, I would say that I was still. Our bodies can be very weird. I even stayed off of this site until the sympts didn't go away. i didn't want to get any subliminal messages...Keep us posted and i will let you know what they say. I also have myself on their call list if someone cancels before my appt.


Pipa - October 20

Hey everyone. I just talked to the nurse from the clinic and the blood test came back negative. I have an appointment for a pelvic exam on this coming Monday so I am going to figure out what I can do to even out my hormones. Thanks for your support everyone and I hope everything works out for y'all. Prayers, love, and baby dust to you all!



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