What S The Consistency Of Your Symptoms Please Share

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lisa - May 4

Hello everyone, I am due on for my af on the 11th. Just wanted to know how consistent everyones symptoms have been. I had some severe nausea but it only lasted a day and a half. My bbs are no longer sore, however i awoke to some serious veins on my left br___t and white bumps around both nipples. Are most people consistently crampy, nauseous and tired or do symptoms come and go? Please share your experiences as I am confused if I was just a little off yesterday or if it is in fact a pg symptom!


anyone? - May 4



bump - May 4

bumpity bump


Claire - May 4

Hi Lisa - I've had some days where I've seriously doubted myself. No symptoms at all. Then wham! They come right back - but only some of them. Don't feel discouraged. The waiting game is nasty but we're all in it together! All the best to you.


carmenmichelle - May 4

lisa, here's where I listed my "possible" symptoms. http://www.pregnancy-info.net/QA/answers-Not_sure__-pg111523961118/


erica - May 4

lisa, I just got my bfp. These were my symptoms off and on. The veins and the white bumps started about 2 days after ovulation and stayed. 4dpo i started to get sore b___bs off and on. 5dpo I started to get congested and very sneezy every morning since then. 6dpo I started to feel just a little gaggy, 7dpo i felt minor cramps, 8dpo a little tired, 9dpo-15dpo was getting alot of cm and feeling more tired got a yeast infection and cander sores in my mouth. I really hope this helps. I wish you the best. As well as everyone else in the chat room. Everybody has been very helpfull.


erica - May 4

I also have a very dry throat and no appet_te. Not hungry.


TO ERICA - May 4

i have the same symptoms as you but all my test are negative. how long did it take for a positive result? did you have implatation bleeding if so what did look like? thanks and congrats.


lynn - May 4

I've heard of symptoms being inconsistent...everyone is different, though! The stress of waiting and looking for every little symptom can be exhausting. I hope you can relax! I understand...I've had some mild cramping for the last week and a half...af is due May 10 or 11. Also have sore bbs, vomitting, diarrhea (I've been sensitive to smells) and a huge fever blister on my lip...isn't this fun? Good luck to you!!!!


caitlin - May 4

Over the past few cycles TTC, I thought each time there was a good chance I was pregnant. Looking back, those were just obviously AF symptoms. It's so hard and frustrating, since the symptoms for both are so similar. I agree with all of what Claire said - don't feel discouraged. Every sign is a possibility. And I do think I've read here a few times at least that symptoms come and go. Good luck.


Celia - May 4

I am 3DPO and have been having weird twinge like cramps also felt a little dizzy while out shopping this afternoon. I had an HSG on the 21st of April tubes were all clear I am hoping and praying this is finally it been TTC for 3+yrs. I have three other children 12, 11, and 5 havent been able to conceive since getting off depo 3 1/2 years ago.


Lisa - May 4

thanks to everyone for their replies. it does get a little frustrating to not know what is real and what i am hoping i feel. my nausea is gone but my bbs are tingly , veiny and have little bumps still. so i have a bit of a wait until the 11th so maybe more symptoms will show up before then! good luck to everyone..,



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