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Kiersten - March 3

Hi all! Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is the difference b/w a basil body thermometer and a regular thermometer? I just got one today because I've read your replies that say that they work best (ttc), but was just wondering what the big deal is? Sorry if I'm just being blonde and missing something. :)


LIN - March 3

Basal thermometers are more sensitive and so detect smaller temperature changes than regular thermometers do.


Megs - March 3

Make sure you get a BBT that reads to the 1/100th degree! *They do make BBT that only read to 1/10 and like Lin said, you want the most sensitive degree change to appear!* No blonde there, it's all new! :-)


VenusdiMilo - March 3

Hello Kiersten, a basal thermometer is different from a regular fever thermometer which measures temperatures in degrees. A basal thermometer measures temperatures by 10th's of a degree whereas, most fever thermometers measure in two-tenth degree increments. Also, a basal thermometer is more reliable and accurate than a simple gla__s thermometer since gla__s thermometers are only accurate to .2 degrees Fahrenheit. You really need it to be accurate to .1 degrees Fahrenheit. Another advantage of the digital basal thermometer over a fever measuring body thermometer is speed. The basal body digital thermometer is more accurate than a fever based thermometer and it only takes 30-60 seconds. In addition, a digital basal thermometer is harder to break and remembers the temperature for you if you don't want to chart it immediately. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!


sososleepy - March 3

Hi Kiersten. In the 'olden' days, a thermometer was gla__s and mercury. You couldn't see much detail, so your temp was for example 97, 97.5, 98, 98.5 and so on because the space between the lines was so very small. A basal thermometer increased the space between the degrees, and added lines, so you could see tenths of a degree. These days you can use a standard digital to go to measurements such as 98.1, 98.2 and so on, or go all out like I did and get a basal digital that gives you more specific results such as 98.24, 98.25, and so on. It isn't really necessary - the normal digital will do (but I like to be specific and was delighted when dh got me the other one). All of the ones that beep (at least for me) beep before the temp is accurate. I leave it in until it stops moving, then try the other side of my mouth and wait another minute or so to be sure... (and my basal digital does not remember the temp gurr)


Kiersten - March 4

Thanks for your help! Have a great day and good luck to all ttc! :)



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