What S The Earliest Dpo Did Any One Get A BFP

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Allie - October 24

I was just wondering for those of you who have either had a baby or are pregnant, what was the earliest day after conception did you get a positive opk? I wonder why it differs so much with everyone? Also, does checking first morning urine make it come back positive earlier? I'll be about 9-10 dpo tomorrow and really need to know because I have to have some x-rays done and don't want to expose my baby to them if I did get pregnant this cycle. Thanks.


bump - October 24



Q - October 24

Depending on the type of xray you get, you can let the techincians know that you are trying to conceive and may be in the early stages of pregnancy. They can sometimes either delay the xray or use extra protection around your abdomen. I could be wrong, but I had a dentist appt and needed an xray, but wasn't sure at the time if I was pregnant or not, so that's what I did.


Erin - October 24

I got my big fat positive 8 days after I ovulated with my son. FMU usually contains the highest concentration of hcg in the urine if pg, so that's why people suggest testing in the morning. My bfp was in the evening after I got home from work... and I got another one just about an hour later. Timing of bfp's depends on how much hcg is initially released during implantation. In my case, my body released a lot of hcg because at 10 dpo I had a beta of 125 (very high) and at 12dpo it was 297. You may want to take a pg test in the morning, but if it's negative, still mention to the x-ray tech that you may be pg (edited to add that I a__sume you've already gone to your appt... hope it went well).


w - October 24

I had to get x-rays and I was unusre if I was preg because I was on the pill at the time but had taken antibiotics. The tech asked if I was preg or was late of af so I told her my situation, she just put extra protection when doing the x ray



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