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matyson - March 17

My husband and I aren't trying to have a baby right now but, i have been having lots of signs that I may be pregnant. I am supposed to start my period on the 20th of this month... but latley i have been extremely gassy, really sore br___t (which i usually starts around 2 weeks before im supposed to start), i have been so so tired , going to be earlier everynight and still tired..everytime i eat something i feel sick after im done...i was smoking a few cigs a day but now when i try to smoke one it make me sick to my stomach and i can't finish it...we use the pull out method and we did have intercourse the day i was supposed to ovulate (the 4th).. my question is ...is it to early to take a pregancy test? i thought about taking one this afternoon but i dind't know if it was too early to tell


steph - March 17

i think you could be pregnant... you have a lot of the signs... good luck!


minnie - March 17

go ahead and take the test... if it's too early just wait a few more days and take it again


kim - March 17

It maybe to early, but take a test anyway. My first sign was food making me sick and the smell of ciggerettes. Good luck!!!


jena - March 17

i think the hpt's are most accurate from the day you are supposed to get your period on, but you can always try early and then try again. i'd say good luck but you aren't trying, so hopefully the best will happen!


matyson - March 18

i took the ept test last night and it was negative...so i guess i will wait and see if i start this weekend like i am supposed to...thanks for all your help!


sherry - March 18

That doesn't nessarly mean your not pregnant.. you should try again, just to make sure... if you don't start this weekend....


Michelle - March 18

I am also due for AF on March 20. I do not have as many signs as you do though. According to your information today would be 14 dpo for you. You should test again on the 23rd which would be 19 dpo to know more for certain. I am only 7dpo. Good Luck!!!!


matyson - March 18

how many dpo are you supposed to wait before you test? It's really hard trying to wait, it seems like that;s all that's on my mind now...


natalie - March 18

i think you are supposed to wait 18 dpo before you test, but im not sure


matyson - March 21

well i didn't start this weekend like i was supposed to but, i tested yesterday and it was BFN so im guessing i'm just late from worrying about it...what do ya'll think?


best - March 21

matyson if you think you might be pregnant you should quit smoking and try to take care of yourself....best of luck


matyson - March 21

i haven't smoked since i thought i might be pregnant....just because we weren't trying to have a baby doesn't mean im not taking care of myself...



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