What Symptoms To Expect

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Natpink - June 2

Can any of you lady's tell me what wer your very first symptoms and far along you wer when experiancing them, answers very much appreciated!


laura8 - June 2

my first symptoms were frequent urination, dizziness, itchy, runny nose, af cramping, and enlarged b___sts the day af was due (which usually happens a week before). my bfp was a complete surprise so there may have been more that i just didnt notice!


tritty - June 2

my first symptoms were bloating, major constipation, frequent urination, and VERY TIRED. i also had like "hot flashes" and would get dizzy for just a second. they didn't last long at all. my pregnancy was a suprise as well but that's what made me start testing. i get negatives until this past week and i'm about 8 weeks.


dancegirl - June 2

i actually didn't really have any at all. my bbs were actually less sore than normal pre-af. i was maybe a bit bloated and ga__sy a few days before my bfp (got my bfp at 10 dpo), but then again, i always get bloated and ga__sy before af. so no real symptoms for me. and still at 12 weeks don't have too many real symptoms. was a tiny bit nauseous for about a week and a half. but just had to eat and i felt fine. and being tired. that's it ! and now a little bump. so don't panic if no symptoms. many people don't have any sigsn at all :-)


animemom - June 3

nausea and throwing up, frequent urination, cramping, tiredness, I just felt pregnant...I was 11 weeks before I got a postive on a HPT though I started testing around 6 weeks.


littlerose80 - June 3

Exteme fatigue, but then trouble falling asleep, sore b___sts, decreased appet_te, having to pee constantly, moody. Hope that helps. Any questions ask away


Natpink - June 4

Thanks you all for your input, it has really helped me out, I had sore b___bs but only really had it for about 6 days, they still seem to be slightly inlarged than normall but not painfull anymore, i was looking at that as a bad thing untill reading your coments, anything can happen with symptoms.



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