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Pamela - March 12

I had intercourse on 1/21/05 and had AF on 2/9. I started Af again today, but still wonder if I may be pregnant. The last AF and this one seem a bit lighter. However, I had alot of sharp cramping pain today, which is weird since I never do during AF. When I went to the bathroom just now, I expected a lot of blood on the pad. Instead, these 2 HUGE dark clumps came out(sorry it's so gross). Usually when I have AF, I experience something similar to this but it's just blood. This was like chunks of....I don;t even know what it was. When I touched it, it was hard to break. It was just really big and had some blood mixed in. It's hard to explain. It was like 2 small pieces of raw beef....Sorry for using food to describe it, but that's all I could come up with. But any idea if this is normal during AF, a sign of pregnancy, or if it's a sign of miscarriage? If I was pregnant, I'd be about 9 weeks along.


kendra - March 12

sounds like a miscarriage to me..i had the same thing 5 years ago and took it into my doctor and he said i miscarried...


Lindsey - March 12

I agree with Kendra. As soon as you explained the "beef" I believe that could be a m/c. No need to apologize for trying to describe the clots. I remember after having my son...I kept bleeding actually for 57 days. When I would wipe I would see pieces of tissue, or like "beef" as you described, and this was part of the placenta that didn't expell completely. I would go get checked. If you have any more of the discharge as you described above, I would call the dr and if they can get you in try to take some with you. Good luck Pamela.


Pamela - March 12

Thanks Kendra and Lindsey. I'll see what happens in the next few days. Another question...do miscarriages generally occur during AF or is it just coincidence for me? Thanks for your response.


Pamela - March 12

Another thing...the bleeding I have seems like it has alot of clear and stretchy mucus in it. Is this also part of miscarriage? I posted on the "miscarriage" forum but there's liitle activity on that one. So I posted here.


SugarPie - March 12

Wow Pamela, I'm so not trying to take your shine here, but it does indeed sound like a miscarriage (had a handful of those last year so I do know). That said, I'm thinking that this probably wasn't aunt flow it was a miscarriage that just happened to fall on or around the time you'd get your period (if that makes sense). Now one thing that I can say... there are indeed times when a woman will bleed around the time of her period and have major clotting, mucous and so forth and still be preggers). I think it's called like subcon (something or other) bleeding. And it could just be blood that isn't a miscarriage. I'm not sure if I'm making sense, but the bottom line is that it sounds like it, but it could most definitely not be because I've found that women will bleed often during their 5-7 weeks and 10-12 weeks for some strange reason. I actually had it happen and I was so devastated and wondering if I had miscarried. You should make an appt. with an ob/gyn . Much love****


Pamela - March 12

Thanks for all the info ladies. I guess I should say that I wasn't ttc, and if this is a miscarriage, it may be a blessing in disguise. Even though I'm not ttc, I still have this sad and eery feeling that I didn't expect.I'm going to wait and see if any more of the tissue appears.I'll take it to the dr, when i get an appointment. thanks again for the input.


willing to help - March 12

It could be blood clots which are not good and that is something that should be check out right away, dont mess with you female parts they are trying to tell you something is wrong.


Pamela - March 13

Wlling to help: what sort of problems could be a__sociated with clots? I am undergrad student at the moment, so won't be able to go to the dr. until the 20th of March. Do clots mean it's less likely I'm pregnant, or is there something else that's wrong.



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