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lalla - April 4

Hi, I am on cycle day 20. My cycles are fairly consistent 28-30 days. A few times up to 34, but that has not happened for a few years. In the evening of cycle day 18 I had red bleeding with a small clot. I only bled when I went to the bathroom. There was still some red on cycle day 19 in the morning. The rest of the day was brown, and today had a small amount of brown. However, the brown was mixed in with what looked like eggwhite mucus... Sorry, way tmi... Again, only when I went to the bathroom. I also felt a very slight sensations like pms pain. Could I have ovulated this late in the cycle and this had something to do with that? My periods have been "different" the past year and I have been to two different obgyns, but they can't find anything wrong. I'm 38, but I should not really be hitting menopause yet... Any input on what this could have been? Lalla


Grandpa Viv - April 4

Difficult! The spotting, discharge, and cramps could be attributed to implantation on a short cycle, or ovulation on a 34 days cycle. Are you s_xually active? At your age, and with a recent history of changes in your cycle, the odds favor this being just a weirder cycle than usual. Make notes to show your obgyn on the next visit. Take a preg test if you suspect pregnancy when your next period should show. GL!


lalla - April 5

Thank you Grandpa Viv! It is difficult, especially when two different obgyn's can't seem to find anything wrong. As much as I would like it to be implantation bleeding (yes my husband and I are s_xually active), I think it is another weird period. I am today again having a slight brownish discharge with a tender/tense belly. I am feeling very bloated. So as soon as my period gets here, I will make an appointment with my obgyn.


Grandpa Viv - April 5

I have my fingers crossed for you. Pink and brown when wiping is the usual description of implantation spotting, bloating at implantation time ( a week before PMS) is encouraging, and weird cramps (too many situps) is a frequent post. Keep us updated if more signs develop in the coming week. GL!


lalla - April 14

Well, I am on cycleday 30 today, and no period yet. If I ovulated at the time of the bleeding, I would get my period tomorrow or thursday. I am having chills, which is a typical sign that my period is approaching... :~( I am however, feeling very lightheaded which is unusual for me. I have had lotionlike discharge, insatialble hunger (typical before my period). This afternoon, I had a small amount of brown discharge when I wiped (tmi - mixed with what looked like ewmucus)... when that happens my period usually begins within the hour, but nothing else so far. I am having alot of sensations or pressure in my lower belly region... b___sts coming out of my bra!! :~) well, that's it for now... af will probably show itself tomorrow or thursday...


lalla - April 14

well, I guess that was a crazy ovulation... never happened to me before... The chills gave it away yesterday, and today af arrived - heavy and normal... oh well.



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