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tigerlilly - January 16

Thought i would start a new thread see if we can get any experiances of real pregnancy symptoms!!...Baby Dust to all ladies TTC x


Deb - January 16

None...until I was 6 weeks. The month I found out I was pregnant was the first month I actually thought I wasn't pregnant. At 6 weeks morning sickness hit me like a brick and b___bs got sore.


KLB - January 16

I just found out a few days ago. I am about 5 weeks, I dont have any symptoms really.. I, like Deb, didnt think I was pregnant this month out of all the months I thought I was. I was a little late, & my b___sts were swollen & itchy and they hurt more than normal when I get my period.. also I have cramps on and off that feel like menstrual.... but 3 positive tests is what had to get me to believe!


kjones - January 16

Sounds liike me but I havent tested this week I dont think Im going to I dont like to see the - over and over. Though I have the same symptoms as you. Congts!


tigerlilly - January 16

Thats fantastic KLB... i have my fingers crossed this month.. AF due yesterday but not arrived yet,, had some symptoms started on the 8th i had very light bleeding for about 3 days. .and a little very light brown lotion type discharge.. then on the 10th nipples became very sore and still are... been peeing more often very tired..we have been trying for just over twelve months and was getting fed up so we decided to have a break over xmas,, and not think about ovulating and best positions and all that.. so heres hopeing!! ...thought if af still not arrived will mybe test on Sat(if can wait that long)..keep you all posted x


kari - January 16

Hey everyone! Well with my first one I got bad cramps on the left side, spotted once, and bbs were swollen big time...they didn't hurt, they were just bigger. I got my + right after noticing that....with my second I woke up at 6:00 in the morning thinking the cramping I was having meant I started af....got up and nothing so I tested and it came out +. We are ttc our third now....I started cramping this month the day after o and had those for a week straight...I am not due to start af until the 19th....I am still not going to test yet until I am late...don't want a -. I'd rather start af than see the - sign. ;)


KLB - January 17

Tigerlilly, sometimes taking a break and letting it happen on it's own is the best thing! I use to try so hard and I wasnt expecting to get pg at ALL this month. I only had s_x 1 time this cycle! BABYDUST!!



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