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izechsmama - February 1

Hey girl.. where have you been? havent seen you on in a long time.. where you at i'm worried about you... i'm officially in my tww... :)


izechsmama - February 1



whatisgoingon - February 1

hey hunnie, sorry what with the move up north here n all, i have been settling into our new home, got a job and have been working, waiting for our internet to be connected at home, so am using work comp when i am working throughout week to drop in on u guys and try catch up with the goss.. wat happened with ur Friday testing last month, u and the others that were in that wait/group? Really want to know what happened there cos u guys looked so positive! Nothing new with me in that trying sector, not trying, just enjoying our new home and surroundings and seeing wat happens.. its so much calmer and less stressful here than where we were in the 'big smoke'.. so perhaps that might do the trick? Either way I dont really want it to happen atm, too busy. lol


izechsmama - February 2

hey holly.. there you are.. i forgot that you were moving... well last cycle i finally got my AF on CD32... so who knows.. i'm definately done reading into any sort of symptom because its not going anywhere... but i'm 2dpo now... tested with opk and got my positive so i know i ovulated.. last cycle i determined that i completely missed my ovulation because i thought i had already hit the mark.. but i was wrong.. by 7 whole days... haha... anyways... how you doin girl???


whatisgoingon - February 9

Hey Ray, posted in ur other section on u girls testing in the next few days too.. gives the details on whats been going on with me. :) I am doing good tho. CD18, due for af 22nd Feb. Bedded lots from CD5-16 so am hopefull, but ya neva know. I am not really tracking any symptoms and not thinking about it.. living my life as per usual, and just wait n expect af..so as not to be let down..again lol Ive only been trying* as such since Nov, finished BCP end of Oct and that cycle.. so really only had 4 cycles inc this months' trying unprotected, not long at all..got a lovely blue hard ball in my areola I discovered last night, freaking me out!! U automatically think cancer, Im only 20 tho! Wat the heck could it be? :( xo



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