Whats Goin On With My Body

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bRiT - June 5

Ok so i have posted several times yet i still dont seem to get any help...I have been having headaches for at least 2 wks...cramping in my lower abdomen...i've been really gassy...tired but unable to sleep...i've read that some women have nose bleeds due to the heightened blood flow...i blow my nose and there is blood in the tissue...i used the restroom a couple of days ago and when i wiped there was a brownish pink discharge..but it only happened that once... I plan on buying a test tomorrow....i just want a lil bit of...hmm...encouragement i guess you could say...and any advice would be GREATLY appreciated...thanks!!!


bRiT - June 5

I've been nauseous as well...ha i read over this thing 12 times to make sure i didnt forget anything and i still managed to do just that...


staci - June 5

Here's your encouragement! Test Test Test! I know you said you are buying one tomorrow, but don't chicken out, you can do it!..the only way you will know is if you test...Your symptoms do sound good though..have you missed your period yet?


bRiT - June 5

See thats another thing i failed to mention...My last period was May 23rd...and i could've sworn that i was pregnant before i started...I had a some what normal pd. it was two days shorter than normal but i had all the normal cramps....and i've read that some women still have their pd while pregnant..my mother being one of them when she was pregnant with my older sister...so i guess we'll see...


kristajoy - June 6

Hey, my last period was May 23rd too and it only lasted 2 days instead of a usual 5 days. If i am pregnant, i didnt think that i could tell so early. I havent done a test yet cause its only been a couple of weeks since my last period, but i am feeling tightening in my lower abdomen and some slight cramping. My b___bs have never been sore for my other 3 pregnancies so im not sure that that is about. I am getting concerned though. I know that for my first child...who is now 14, i had a period for 6 months. I didnt even know that i was pregnant for him til then. Crazy eh? I think that we both are probably pregnant!!


Lin - June 6

If you've been having headaches ever since your period, then it doesn't have anything to do with pregnancy, and it sounds like you had a perfectly normal period. In fact, you probably have only just ovulated and, if pregnant, wouldn't be able to feel any symptoms at all yet. The spotting you had a couple days ago was probably due to ovulation as are any other symptoms.





bRiT - June 6

No thats not my last name....Ok so i have another question....If it was ovulation then how long is the cramping supposed to last?? Cause its starting to get really annoying...lol


j. - June 6

I don't think ovulation cramps lasts longer than a couple of seconds to a couple of minutes OFF AND ON in just that ovulation time fram(a day to 2). That's what I've heard and read....



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