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Zoie - February 16

ok this may turn out long and i apologise before hand. i am pretty sure i O between jan 29 - feb 5. i had my fun on the 29th and 3rd. seeing as we were so busy and he was sick at the time. i had some cramping about 7 dpo and i was really sick. i had to leave work a couple of times because i couldnt handle the smell. then about a week ago i began to feel normal. so i was and still am thinking i'm not, well i guess it's more of not getting my hopes up. i dont have alot of cm or anything. but today when i wiped from going to the washroom there was a hint of blood. it was quite dark. i am due for AF on the 18th. could this be implantation or my AF coming early? **baby dust to all**


bump - February 16



hope it helps - February 16

well from the sounds of it you maybe pregnant. i would wait untill your period is due. if nothing comes then take a test. gl


Zoie - February 16

thank you. does anyone else have any answers?!


nicole - February 16

It sounds like that was implantation bleeding. I definately think you should wait till you miss AF and then take a pregnancy test. Good Luck!


Madelyn - February 16

Zoie... my situation is similar to yours. I believe I O between the 29th and 2nd. We tried several times within those dates. I immediately experienced cramps, CM, bowel issues for at least a week. The CM has continued but not substantially. I was due for AF 15/16. Still has not come. I took HPT last Saturday and this AM, negative on both occasions. Guess I'll just wait out the AF. Until coming to this site, I never realized how many people test negative while being pregnant.


S- - February 16

Just so you guys know, somewhere on this site, I read about people who didn't register as positive on a hpt until many months into pregnancy! Go to the dr. and get a blood test if you're unsure- they are stronger.


kay - February 16

I had the same thing, spotting 5 days before period, so excited, thought it was impantation especially cause it was very spotting brown stretchy stuff when i wiped, so when af didn't show on time i took a hpt test and hopes dropped like a stone when it turned neg, but maybe i was hoping that becase i had so many symtoms it was too early, sore b___bs, sick feeling, hot flashes, lower back pain veins on b___bs etc... anyways a week later when af still didn't show i took the other one, bought two pk, clear blue easy, stil neg, so i called doc to make an appoinment, but just a few days before i went to see him af started, talk about heartache, it was light then one heavy day then tapered off. I called the doc to cancel when the blood started heavy cause i knew i couldn't be preg if i got heavy flow. So here i am to start the visous cycle once again this month, good luck to all:)


Zoie - February 17

well i think AF started. the blood has turned more pinkish and watery, but still light. light enough to wear a pantie liner but i think it's becoming more and more. who knows. i will see in the morn. but my i dont think i'm preggers. but thats ok, theres always next month lol. thank you for you answers and gl to you all. i will keep you posted if anything changes. and please keep me posted about your selfs and hopefully a little bun in the oven lol. **baby dust**


Zoie - February 17

well it's late and i've just woken up and have had ma__sive bleeding. i am going to the emergency it's that bad. i will update when i get home. i think 'god' is punishing me for something. well i dont know. =(


Zoie - February 17

well i'm finally home. and i'm not pregnant any more... i had a misscarriage. how do people deal with things like this? it's so difficult. i feel like a failure. this is my second misscarriage and it's such a aweful feeling. thank you for all the advice.


S- - February 17

Sorry Zoie-


S5 - February 17

zoie, I am so sorry for the awful news. I have gone through it three times and it did not get any easier, alot of unanswered questions, I also have 3 lovely boys so it can work out , I had one m/c then a full term preg, and then the other m/c and then the full term again and i did this set one more time and we are trying again and it was actually in my mind will it be the same because my track record would be the m/c and then I thought about it and said it is tough but I can't think like that and that I will have another little one, and luck will be on my side this time. You need to remember that it is nothing you are doing that makes this happen and it sucks so much that there is no good reason or answer but you need to know that you are not a failure and you will be ok and eventually have a little one. You take care and my thoughts are with you at this time.


Zoie - February 17

thank you very much for the up lifting words. i feel some what better by what you wrote. it will take time, but i will try to keep my head up and think about the luck that you had and maybe thats what some one has planned for me. gl with your BD and thank you again.


deb - February 17

I had the implantation thing and freaked out because of a past m/c. It turned out to be fine. I haven't had a lot of symptoms. I have gotten sick once and wave of nausea few times but that's about it. I have teneder b___st all the time. I am 7 1/2 weeks so I hope this helps.


Zoie - February 17

hi deb. thanks for the encouragement, but i was 7 weeks and i miss took my my inmplantation bleeding for AF (which was very light and pretty much not there on jan 16) and then last night i woke up with really bad bleeding and so i went to the emergency and they figured out that i was having a miscarriage. so i am deffinatly not pregnant any more. but thank you again. congrats as well on the new joy. gl



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