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Sara - October 21

Please give me some advice!! Personal experiences or someone you know... I was not trying to get pregnant and am very good about taking my pill, but for whatever reason, I got super busy and forgot for 4 days! So then I stopped all together and waited for my period to start up again. The 4 days I missed my pill happened to be right when I was ovulating. I had s_x probably 3 or 4 times unprotected before I realized what I had done and I am now 7 days late, and I am NEVER late. I have taken 4 tests. 3 of them before I was even late, and then one when I was 3 days late. One of the tests, I took 4 days before I was supposed to start my period, and it was a blood test that was negative. Has anyone had a BT negative when you were really pregnant? I had that happen with my son, six days before I was supposed to start my period I had a negative blood test. But then shortly after a positive urine test at the doctor. I was probably 2 or 3 days late for that positive test. So do I believe the tests? I still have not started my period and no signs. I dont know whether I have signs of pregnancy or not. I think so but then i feel im reading into everything. I didnt realize some of the things i have been experiencing are signs but from reading everyone elses symptoms i am starting to think maybe i am.... * AGAIN, PERSONAL STORIES ABOUT POSITIVE RESULTS AFTER SO MANY NEGATIVES WOULD BE REALLY HELPFUL!!! I keep reading about negative tests with so many signs of pregnancy but no final result. Too many negatives! thanks everyone, for taking your time to share with us, it is soo helpful. I learn more from your stories than any books.


Daile - October 22

First of all Sara, it is possible the blood test is negative because you took it too soon. You should wait until after you miss a period before getting a blood test. But as for personal stories...When my sister was pregnant with her first son, she was experiencing very bad morning sickness, and since she didn't know what it was (she was 15) she went to the hospital. They did a blood test and it was negative. A few weeks later she had another one done, and it was positive. Turns out she was five and a half weeks pregnant with the negative test!! Good luck to you Sara.



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