Whats Wrong With Me

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Rachel_Adam - February 7

hi, i have been spotting for the last 2 weeks since ovulation pink + watery, brown then small bits of red (sorry to much img) and have had high temps since O and a dip in them. i have all the usual preg. symptoms. can i still be preg with this spotting am now 14dpo. any advice. thanx


Deb - February 7

At 14 dpo you would likely get an accurate result from a home pregnancy test, so I would test if I were you. Sometimes spotting before your period could indicate that your progesterone is low. Also, some women experience bleeding in early pregnancy so I don't really know what to tell you.


Rachel_Adam - February 7

thanx al try a test tomorrow. its all so comfusing!!


Colleen - February 7

Hi Rachel, your symptoms seem really promising. i'd say you're pregnant and you should test. spotting is common in early pregnancy. it could be implantation bleeding. your dip in temp also points towards implantation. if you test now you're likely to get a positive. test test test. baby dust to you!


Lin - February 7

To be perfectly honest, I think that the low progesterone sounds just as likely if not more so, since implantation bleeding does not explain two straight weeks of spotting. I don't believe in getting people's hopes up. I had a huge dip at 8 dpo last month and increasing temps, and I'm not pregnant. My chart has been triphasic for the last two months. Of course, I hope I'm wrong!


Deb - February 8

Spotting is not that common in early pregnancy. Implantation bleeding gets b__wn out of proportion here on this site, but it really doesn't happen that often. Only 20% of women experience it. And it only lasts for a day or two, not two weeks. There are, however, exceptions to this as in rare cases, women get full periods during early pregnancy.


Rachel_Adam - February 8

at first i though it might have been implantation but now its been going on for 2 weeks am at a loss of what to think. the spotting stopped last night and my cm was very wet and stretchy. it hasnt started again yet. i booked docs appointment so hopefully shud find out for def whats going on. thanx for al advise


Rachel_Adam - February 8

forgot to mention i was havin bad pains in my left ovary area last night



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