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ErinH - September 22

Hi all! Me and my dh have been ttc 1yr and counting. In the last few months we just stop thinking about it and just had fun in bed, not worring about ovulation timing or anything. my last af was august 8th im on a 30 day cycle so af was due sept 8-10. Af never showed her ugly face. Ive been late in the past but only 5 days or so. Ive had tons of symptoms like, running nose, fluttering in stomach, peeing more, nausea, dizzyness, bloated, increase in milky ovulation liek cm, tired more and recently a werid iron, blood like taste in my mouth.I waiting till this weekend to test. Im afraid of a bfn, ive also had 2 past miscarriages. I had a gut feelign im pregnant but i dont want to get my hopes up just to be let down. what u ladies think?


amy - September 22

definitly pregnant, Congrats and good luck


Steph - September 22

I bet if you tested tomorrow morning you'd get a BFP!! Everything you said sounds just like you are pregnant!!! Are you taking pre-natals already???


Jessica - September 22

ErinH - sounds promising to me...If you're nervous about testing wait a few more days and test in the morning, that's when you get the best results...


ErinH - September 23

yes, on the pre-natals. ive been taking them for over a 1yr as a mult vit. My docter said half the dosage of a prenatal pill is the same as one multi vit. plus their suppose to help or aid in ttc. Me and dh are doing our usual walmart shopping tomorrow so im picking up a hpt and testing sat morn, if i dont chicken out :) . I hope im finally gonna be a mother.My 3 cats cant take much more of my hugs and kisses (i treat them like my lil babies)....lol....when i finally test i'll let u ladies know. if i still dont get af by next month, it'll be time to head to the docters!!!! Good Luck and thanks ladies!! :)


ErinH - September 23

new symptom, hard feeling b___st. i noticed it this morning when i woke up, but this after noon a lil softer. werid huh!?...


me too - September 23

ErinH, I know what you mean about loving on the cats. The poor things get mothered to death by us child-less girls. It's just such an inborn need we have to mother! I'm excited to hear your results tomarrow. You should test today. Isn't Friday good enough? LOL!


ErinH - September 23

im waiting till sat since urine is the strongest in the morning. thanks guys!


share the same boat! - September 24

hey ErinH........im kinda in the same boat as u same symptoms but different dates......my last af was 8/15 was due 9/6......have u tested yet ErinH? let us know.


ErinH - September 24

well i tested this morning. bfn, im only a lil over 2 weeks late for af so im gonna test twice a week. if my next af doesnt come to the docters i go. ive heard some woman dont get a pos till 12weeks!!!!


ErinH - September 26

i bought a different brand of test. heard ept can give false results!


mel - September 26

i know what u mean ErinH. I have all the signs you do. im 15days late. but when i wiped earlier i had brownish mucus (srry tmi)


Sara - September 27

Hi, im 5days late, ive had that brown mucus like cm last few days. its weird its like a brown booger! Im waiting for blood test results! any one test yet?



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