When Did I Get Pregnant

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A - July 26

Ok.... I haven't been to the doctors yet, but I'll be going soon. I wanted to know when do you think I concieved? I started my period May 27th and ended 31st. I had unprotected s_x on June 4th, 10th, 13th. and I got a positive pregnancy test on June 19th. I have a gut feeling I got pregnant on the 10th or 13th but with getting a positive pregnancy test on the 19th I think that maybe thats would have been to soon? I have been trying to get pregnant and I just thought I was so what do you think?


Heather - July 27

probably June 10th is when you ovulated, it takes 7 to 10 days after conception is the earliest a woman can get a positive preg. test, only 5% do. You sound like you are one of the few 5% that can test that early! congrats!


Renea - July 27

I agree with Heather on the 10th. The 10th would have put you past implantation day, so you could be one of those who can detect early. I just found out today that I was pregnant and I am 16 days late. Was getting bfn all along and finally got a bfp this morning.


Mica - July 27

Actually the doctor won't go by when you conceived to determine your due date. He/she will go by your mentral cycle. For example, when your missed period was due, you would be called 4weeks pregnant. I know this seems weird since, at that point, you would have only conceived 2 weeks prior, but that's how it works. This is why they say due dates are give/take 2 weeks accuracy. CONGRATULATIONS and best to you and your little one!


robertha - September 25

i had unprotected s_x on the 25fth of december 2004 i saw my period on the 17 of december how far along am i


sarah - October 3

i was wondering when i could have concieved .. i missed my menstral the whole month of sept.but i spotted a light pinkish on sept 24th and nothing else after that so i took a pregnancy test 2 xs in the month of sept and the reading came back negative both times.. my b___st have been sore so i decided to take another test 4 days ago and now it came back positive . how many weeks do you think i am ??


To Sarah - October 3

I think that you are about 4 wks 2 days if my calculations are right. Have a happy pregnancy.


lori - October 14

i went to the doctors 10-13-05 (yesterday) i found out i was 6 wks and a couple days pregnant.. what im trying to figure out is when did i get pregnant> ? i dont recall when my last period in aug was ... i had s_x on 28th 30th that i remember right of.. could any one tell me when i could have gotten pregnant ???



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