When Do Symptoms Usually Start

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AJR - November 8

We just started trying to conceive and I thought it may take away, but I am concerned that it may have happened already. I am still 4 days away from my period, but have been getting sick at night for the last few days, as well as br___t tenderness, and I have needed to eat more often and smaller meals the last few days to prevent from being sick. Is it to soon to feel symptoms, yet? Also, I read on some of the responses that a tilted uterus means you should get on knees and elbows, is it still effective if you elevate your legs and remain for 1/2 hour or are we working against gravity?


Audrey - November 8

Symptoms can begin as early as the day of implantation, when the body starts producing the hormones. For me it felt like my period was going to happen in a few days, but it never showed.


Mary - November 8

1st time time around I had no clue until I was due for my period and I had the full b__wn "bad cramp" month and it never came so finally 3 days later I took the test and it was positive...the like a week later the b___bs started killing like I had fire crackers going off in the bra!! not just tender but felt like one of those "picker bush" things fell into my shirt!! now I feel pregnant myself and I wonder if each pregnancy is different because I'm not due for another 7 days but feel different now...and as far as the uterus thing..my friend has a tipped uterus...did nothing out of the ordinary and she wasn't planning right now...BUT her and her husband just a baby girl..so who's to say?


marie - November 8

My doctor said that it is wives tale that anyone would have any problems with a uterus that is any different location, she said "that is why sperm swim!". I supposedly have a very high uterus. Just thought I would pa__s this along.


AJR - December 14

To all who replyed thanks, I am 9 weeks on Thursday, and found out last monday that we are expecting twins. Thanks for all your support, and answers.



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