When Do You Begin To Show

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L - November 26

I'm very confused because my periods have came on time for the last 3 months but they were all very light..now this month it hasn't shown up. If i was in fact pregnant i'd probabbly be about 4 months pregnant now but if i was wouldn't i be showing by now? or wouldn't my stomach feel hard? i'm very pet_te and when i eat my stomach blows up but then after i use the bathroom my stomach shrinks back to normal size. i have been urinating a little bit more often & my br___t do look a little bigger but i'm not having any other symptoms. Can someone please explain to me when you will begin to actually show or when your stomach will get hard if youre pregnant.


Deb - November 26

I think you should go to the doctors and get a blood test and see if you are pregnant.... good luck!


L - November 30

didn't answer my question...but that is what i plan on doing


Christine - November 30

L all woman are different, as well as all pregnancies...most woman with their first pregnancy start to show around their 4 month or so...but I know with my first at 9 months I could hide my belly still...of course I knew it was there but I was not huge...as for feeling a ball in your stomach, well I know I'm pregnant with my third and I'm almost 21 weeks(4 months) and I can feel the ball, I'm showing also...lol...but I also feel the baby all the time...she's got lots of energy already...anyways...its different for everyone, chances are you are not pregnant....most woman instinctly would have figured it out by the 4th month, period or not...not that it is not possible because it is...and the best advice anyone can give you is to go to the doc like you said you plan on doing and get tested....or even try a home test...good luck and let us know how everything goes..


T - November 30

Everyone is different....I went to a pool party in my bikini when I was 6 months preg...and no one new.....I also was able to wear all of my regular clothing during my whole pregnancy



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