When Do You Implantation Bleed Please HELP

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ekay - January 3

Okay, I am supposed to start on the 7th or 8th of Jan. This afternoon, there was brownish/pinkish discharge when I wiped....When does one typically have implantation bleeding and are there any symptoms along with it. What is strange is I didn't even think I ovulated this month. There was no creamy discharge midcycle...only about 2 days after my period in Dec. Let me know, thanks!!


mr - January 3

you usually bleed any where from 11 -14 days after ovulation. are you trying to get pregnant? sounds like you might be . still way to early to take a test though. how much spotting are you having? hope everything turns out the way you want it to. keep us posted!!


Sonia - January 3

Hi, I had implantation bleeding on day 5. I only discovered it because I had been checking the position of my cervix. I had no blood leak out of me just a tiny tiny drop around my cervix, no symptoms. I have read that implantation usually happens around 3-10 days but it does differ. I am now almost 5 weeks pregnant. Hope you will be soon too, slight bleeding is a good sign mid cycle. Fingers crossed.


Grandpa Viv - January 3

The brown/pink wipe is often used by women to describe implantation. It usually comes about a week after conception. If that is what you are seeing, other signs might come soon, for instance fatigue and changes in intestines, bladder, taste, smell, discharge and b___bs. Good luck!


ekay - January 3

Sonia-why would one check the position of your cervix. Does the positioning change during your cycle. I am about on the 26th day of a usually 30 day cycle. I am trying hard not to get excited because my cycle is still arranging due to a miscarriage over the summer(believe it or not). I had several faint lines last month which ended up to be evaporation lines. I am cramping mildly and sporadically, so it is possible that it is just, as everyone puts it on this site, AF. :) Thanks for your input.


Sonia - January 3

Hi Ekay, I found a great website called "fertility friend" that helps chart your cycle. I was doing numerous things to help provide more data for my chart. I took my temp every day and recorded it, checked the position of my cervix and recorded cervical mucus changes. I also recorded when I was cramping, had sore b___bs etc. Your chart can be interperated by the ff guides and you can ask specific questions about the way your chart is progressing etc. To me checking my cervix didn't really help it just added more info to my chart. I've read that your cervix rises high around ovulation and sometimes comes back down afterwards and goes soft, rising later in pregnancy. Mine has remained high and is still hard. Everyone is different though and you can't determine whether you are pregnant by checking. I'm glad I did check everyday though otherwise I would have missed that vital implantation bleed, it was just a tiny smear only about the size of a pea and would not have made its way out onto the toilet paper. Gave me reason to hope this month. I was 13 days past ovulation when I got my positive test. I had also been using an ovulation predictor kit which gave me a positive signal on day 11, advising that I should ovulate in the next 48 hours. Any little thing helps. I had cramps everyday from day 11 of my cycle and I never had them before ttc. I have been trying to conceive for the past 4 months and started having cramps a day or two before my period. Something different happened this cycle though and I cramped every day, still having slight cramping now. I'm told this is normal and it is just stretching to accommodate the baby. I also had sore b___bs from 9dpo and my nipples are still tender. Everyone is different though. You should check out the Fertility Friend website, you can sign up for free for 30 days and ask as many questions as you like to the guides.Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. Hope you get your two lines soon. Sonia


ekay - January 5

Just wanted to let anyone know that read this that I am pg!!!! Good luck to all of you


Sonia - January 5

Congratulations ekay. Wishing you all the best for the next 9 months and beyond.



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