When Do You Start To Show

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Trish - March 31

Here is my question, I would be 12 weeks but all my tests are BFN. But I could swear I am pregnant. I am a big lady about 70 lbs over weight and have had 3 kids already, Ok what I am asking is when could you tell you were showing. when I am standing and I try to suck my tummy in..(to look smaller ya know lol).anyway it dont go in as much as it does and is much more round then just fatty, but when I am laying down it is soft....Can anyone tell me why that is., I have had LOADS of white CM for weeks now and have had bleeding for about a hour that was brown about a week ago, and had what I thought was implantation bleeding about a week or so after ovulation, then about a week after that I had clear watery discharge very strange and I am so very confused I am normaly a reg person my last period was in Jan....does anyone have ANY idea or can help me at all.....baby dust to all


Lyla - March 31

I think when you have had children before, you tend to show earlier. Have you taken a HPT?


D - March 31

I've heard some theorize that those of us with more to love :-) have a harder time testing positive because of hormone absorption? I have no clue if its true or not, I had no problems testing.... Have you seen a doc for a blood test?


Trish - March 31

I have taken both HPT and blood and my blood test was 3 and my HPT were faint very faint on CBE and I have heard that they give faints on everyone so I could go by that but my other tests have been BFN,,,,I just dont know anymore : (


Kelsi - March 31

Sounds pregnant to me, Ask for a scan if you can


Amy - March 31

hook effect


kim - March 31

With my first I did not show until around the 5th month. With my second I was suprised to see that I was showing at 13 weeks.


SugarPie - March 31

Amy: Word. You've been researching as well?


*****U********** - March 31

The B___terfly effect


Trish - March 31

I did not quite undertsan. Does the hook effect mean molar pregnancy?



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