When Does Morning Sickness Usually Start

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Summerbaby - November 20

Hello. I am just starting my 5th week of pregnancy but I was wondering if anybody is experiencing morning sickness this soon? I am not and my last pregnancy I believe I was 6 weeks when it started. Just hoping everything is going ok in there. Morning sickness would relieve my mind some..lol. Thanks in advance!


mellissa - November 20

i am also just starting my 5th week and still no morning sickness. i didn't get it with my first pregnancy though so I'm hoping i don't get it this time either!!


Candy - November 20

Every woman's body is different and therefore react differently to pregnancy. Some never get sick thier entire pregnancy, some are sick the whole time...when I was pregnant with my son believe it or not I started throwing up before my period was even late and kept throwing and being sick up til I was 2 months along. With my daughter I felt sick for about the first 3 months but only throw up 1 time. Good Luck!


Deb - November 20

I am almost seven weeks pregnant and I just started getting it a couple of days ago. I haven't thrown up, but I feel like a bag of c___p, kind of like a hangover. Count your blessings right now while you feel good!


sunshine - November 21

i started feeling sick the day after intercourse! but it stopped by the 3rd month.


Em - November 21

With my first pregnancy I didn't feel sick at all and everythign turned out fine. This time I am feeling awful. No throwing up, but I feel queasy and lightheaded. I think I am paying for not beign sick with my first. It started about 6-7 weeks and has subsided a little but still very annoying. I am 9 weeks. I too find some comfort in that. I lost my 2nd pregnancy at 10 weeks in Aug. We have seen the heartbeating on this one on an u/s done at 8 weeks. I am just holding my breath until we can listen for it agian at my next visit which I will be about 12 weeks for. Good luack and I hope you feel great throughout your pregnancy and that you deliver a happy, healthy baby boy or girl.



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