When I Squeeze My Nipples A Clear Liquid Comes Out

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NYMommy79 - December 12

I was wondering if I may be pregnant. We had unprotected s_x just on week ago today. I know that this may seem early, but I have been having ALOT of lower back pain, and my br___t feel much larger, and sore to the touch, also I have excessive gas. Today I was examining my br___t, and noticed that a clear liquid comes out of my nipple's. Like I said before we had unprotected intercourse at least three times in the past one week, each day hit a fertilized day, and then my ovulation day. I would appreciate any thoughts that anyone could offer to me on this. My family planning clinic told me that it could be a possibility, but told me I should wait till a missed period. Which sounds logical to me, however I want to know if anyone has had similar experiences like mine.


amyree - December 12

Well, you do have some pg symptoms, but I can tell you from experience, b___st discharge is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. I have had that for years and have not been pregnant. Sorry.


whatisgoingon - December 12

Breast discharge, from what I know, is not normal to have 'all the time' unless pregnant or b___st feeding ofcourse. I was only 3weeks pregnant b4 I miscarried and I had the clear colostrum (fluid) leaking from my b___sts also. Not a lot by any means, but a visable drop that was there. It sounds like you definately have symptoms of pregnancy! I had symptoms about 1wk after ovulation/conception. And had bad nausea daily up until I miscarried among my other symptoms. I would say wait until your period is due. If you want doc_ment daily what symptoms you are having. That way you have a better day-day calendar of what your body is upto. :) Good luck xo


preggoplease - December 12

This is not necessarily a sign. Women who have never had children or are not pregnant can leak. Sometimes if you are around babies your hormones cause them to leak. But it is natural and very common for ALL woman to leak from their nipples. I kid you not, even guy's could if there was enough stimulation. In other countries men do this so they can feed the children as well. Weird I know. But if your AF appears and its still doing it, I would go to the Dr. just to be on the safe side. Hope this helps!



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