When Is It Too Early Dep On Test

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maddie - May 14

My question is when is it too early to test. I am due for AF on Monday the 16th, testing this am with first response and got neg...does this mean I'm def not preg? So confused since the box says can test 5 days before missed pd. I am also trecking to the dollar store today b/c I have spend too much $ on these stupid tests. Also (lol) I am going to buy a new bra for now...I'm a modest B whose cups are running way over.....I have to go to a function tonight and need to hold them in :))


Tia - May 14

Hi Maddie.... rom what ive heard early pregnancy tests are not 100% effective, and even if you use them the day before af is due then theres about an 80% effectiveness rate. So the more days away from af you are - the less likely you are to get a correct result. So dont give up hope yet of a BFP!! keep us posted - ive got my fingers crossed for you!! ***babydust***


Tammy - May 14

Wait until you are a week late then test again. I have a friend who was 2 weeks late and every test came out negative and she is in deed very pregnant. If your test comes out negative after a week go get a blood test done!! Best of luck to you :0)


maddie - May 14

Thanks .... I was so post_tive I would get a +++ today.. Don't laugh but my horoscope said get ready for a big suprise that will change your life today :) On a different note...with regular AF, has anyones bbs grew so much that they need a more supportive bra? Most of my other symptoms have disappered, except for very stuffy nose and sore throat (it is allergy season), constipation and veins that are now a map from shoulders to nipples. My DH said its for him so he knows where they are...lol


to maddie - May 14

I also am due for AF on monday the 16th, and my early response test was negative yesterday so I'm going to wait until tomorrow or monday to test. I know what you mean though about the veins on the chest...I also noticed that very recently that I never had them there before! Good luck to you, Karen



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