When Should I Take My Pregnancy Test

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Amanda - January 4

I should have gotten my period on the 30th/31st of Dec and it is now the 4th of Jan. I was trying to get pregnant and I have been getting a creamly like discharge since I was expecting my period. It's like I am getting that instead of my menstration. I don't know if there are any other signs yet, because I think I am trying to convince myself that I am not pregnant, becasue I having been trying for so long and I keep getting negative results. When should I go get a test? and can I take it at any time of the day or should I stick to the morning urination? is it late enough to get accurate results?


kim - January 4

I think it is best to do in the morning because that is when you urine is most concentrated. I am due for af today and tested 4 days ago and got a big fat neg... I would test tomorrow in the morning if it is neg then wait a few more days a test again.. How long have you been tring? This is our first month and hope af does not come today. We have a little boy who turned 6 yesterday and we are so ready for another... Good luck to you!!


sharon - January 4

creamy discharge could be a sign.ive got the same thing and my peroid is 2weeks late. have you had that before when you were trying?


Amanda - January 4

Hi Kim. I have been trying to get pregnant since May/04, This is the first time that I am late. I have a 4 1/2 year old son and when I was pregnant with him, I think I had a discharge, but I can't really remember, wheat I do remember, is that I thought that I was getting my period but it never came, like right now. I am basically 5 days late. I feel like my period has come and gone...the cramps and all. I want to take a test, but I am afraid that the results will say NEGATIVE. I want my son to have a sibling so bad, and he says "Mama, me want a sister, ok Mama?" lol so you think I should take a test tomorrow morning? wish me luck please and thank you. Good luck to you too



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