When To Start Becoming Concerned

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CallySoni - June 30

Hi everyone, new this site, and honestly never thought I would be here. I am late by 2 weeks, and I have had unprotected s_x. I took a test on Tuesday, which said negative, so I was like WHEW! However reading all these posts, I am once again nervious and worried. I have had for the past 3 weeks, syptoms of my period coming, yet nothing. I don't have swollen or sore brests, but I do have a lot of other things, like clear jelly discharge, bloating, lower pains, (like cramping) And as strange as this is to say, I feel movement. I have gas like nobodies business, I pee a lot, etc etc. Since I am not on any birth control of course there is always a chance, so that is what leads me here. Did I take the test too early for it to be detected yet? I have been very regular for quite awhile, so naturally when I am late, I grow concerned. I also checked to see if I was ovulating around the time I had the unprotected s_x, but according to the online chart I wasn't. Granted, not sure how accurate that was. I am sure I am over-reacting, and my best friend is probably going nuts with my constant talks about it, but you all know what its like, the waiting is the worst! A day seems like a week, and everytime I go to the bathroom I hope and pray that I see signs of my period coming, but alas nothing. Being 2 weeks late, would you recommend taking another preggo test, should I call the doctor to get an exam, or should I just relax and let the stress go away and maybe it will come? I am 34 years old and not married. I am ok with whatever result comes out of this. Its nice to know I have here to come to, because I know all of you are in similar spots as me.... Any suggestions, thoughts, recommendations, etc. would be grately appreciated! Thanks!


angela1986 - June 30

Well considering your 2 weeks late and the hpt test said negative i would reccomend you go see a doctor. I mean there's probably thousands of possiblities including pregnancy which is why its just better to see a doc to rule out any other problems that you might have. I mean it sounds like you might be,and ive heard of some women not getting a bfp until like 6 or 7 weeks so its possible,but then again ive also heard of women who hpt test dont work for them. So id suggest just going to the doc it couldnt hurt.


Keeli - June 30

You have reason to be concerned, but don't be too concerned. It is not completely uncommon for women to test positive weeks even months after af was due, it is absolutely not likely. You can either wait and see if your next af shows up, or you can go to the dr and ask for a blood test or u/s. The clear jelly stuff sounds like you are trying to ovulate. I have pcos and sometimes it takes us pcos girls longer to ovulate and we have ewcm longer. Perfectly healthy, non-pcos, women have this happen from time to time too. Maybe you are just ovulating late this month?



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