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HappyinArizona - November 29

I am due to start AF tomorrow and am having tons of wierd "symptoms" but I don't want to test - I guess I am a little gun-shy considering I have felt what I thought were "symptoms" in the past and they just turned out to be PMS symptoms. My question is: if I test the day I am supposed to get AF, should I get a positive if I am pregnant? I have heard it is best to wait one week after missing AF and then start testing but I can't decide what to do. Help please! I have very heavy bbs (quite large), mild on-and-off cramping, serious mood swings, lightheadedness and some crazy dreams. Thoughts?


Teddyfinch - November 29

i think i'm your twin lol. i'm due for af tomorrow and have all those symptoms aswell. i say we wait a week and test. that will give the hormone time to build up in our bodies.


Impatient - November 29

It's definitely possible for you to get a positive, but even if it's negative, you still could be pregnant. If you've got some money to burn, go ahead and test- if it's positive you won't have to keep agonizing over the wait. If it's negative, you'll have to console yourself by knowing that it's possible you don't have enough of the hormone yet to get a positive- if that happens, wait a week and test again.


Kimi - November 29

well i was due for af on the 22nd and still yesterday tested neg! but i know girls who tested pos b4 af was due so it varies from person to person


planklg - November 29

New to this gals. What is AF? L


kelsajo - November 29

Aunt Flow


planklg - November 29

But of course!!:) Thanks Kel.. Hey Kim-I tested negative today and my af should have been here 11/28 but I have no pms symptoms which is weird and have flu like symptoms diarrhea on and off which I rarely ever get and have more headaches and my af is always on time.. What do ya'll think. I thought those tests could tell 5 day before.ThanksL


kelsajo - November 29

no problemo! i'm still working on figuring all of it out. :)



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