When Vag Mucus Actually Is A Sign

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Karen - February 8

I've read that creamy mucus is a sign of pregnancy. If it is, when do you notice it? Nobody's been real specific thus far. I'm expecting AF in 5 days and 2 days ago had a slight creamy discharge. Nothing abundant though. Had intercourse on 1/21/05, and no symptoms since then, expect for the slight creamy discharge 2 days ago. So my question is...WHEN is the discharge actually a sign?


donna - February 8

not sure about that question but, i have been having v____al discharge for a while now...i wonder what that means


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Clear or creamy v____al discharge is common in pregnancy, often starting early and getting heavier with time. If you have such a discharge in the week before AF (when you should be dry), it is an encouraging sign.


Karen - February 8

I've been trying to remember whether this discharge has occurred prior to Af before...and it has. So I'm still not certain.


Meg - February 9

I am having nonstop like water-milky dischage, not too much but always wet. I pray to be a sign of pregnancy.


Becky - February 9

"If you have such a discharge in the week before AF (when you should be dry), it is an encouraging sign." REALLY?! cool! cause I've had that for about a week or so, and AF is due tomorrow!


tracy - February 13

I'm supposed to start my period tomorrow and found that I have a white tacky dischargeinstead of being dry and wanted to know if it were a sign of pregnancy. I am hoping so and so far this site has encouraged me


Karen - February 13

Update: I mentioned that I had this creamy discharge before AF. I had AF on 2/9-2/12(on time), but seemed a bit lighter than usual. So I;m not quite sure now. Anyone had this experience? Just to note....I read on other health sites that a creamy discharge before AF is not unusual, so it's not necessarily a sign of pregnancy.


Trisha - February 16

I was wondering also, I have had some strange clear but yellowish CM im 13 days late does this mean im about to start or could it be a sign of pregancy , have taken 4 test and all have been very faint pos.


MandyD - February 16

I have read that yellowish discharge can be a sign of pregnancy. Good luck to you Trisha!!


MandyD - February 16

Oh, and Trisha - no matter how faint the line is....POS IS POS! Go to the dr girl! Sounds like you may have some good news to share soon!!


tracy - February 17

update, I was supposed to have started on the 14th had cm the day before, had small small amount of brown tinted blood/mucas not sure what it was, inplantation blood maybe, nothing else until today the17th, had small small amount of brown tint blood/mucas again. So now I am 4 days late but don't have sore b___sts, or really any other sign that I know of but cramps here and there. I took a hpt on the 15and was - . Do you think i could be pregnant or what? I've read everyone elses symptoms and it seems I should have more by now if I were pregnant.


me - February 18

trish, does your cm somewhat resemble the ew mucus around ovulation? I had 2 days of a very light"period" so to speak and since then, Ive had a very strange, clear cm that resembles ewcm since then mixed with a creamy white mucus. similar?


stacey - February 18

i have had discharge before my period many times, almost every time actually so i wouldnt necessarily consider this a preg sign


to tracy and Karen - February 19

tracy & Karen, any luck ttc?


agree - February 19

Stacey, I also am hardly ever "dry" before my af.


sad - February 20

Grandpa Viv said: "Clear or creamy v____al discharge is common in pregnancy" So, is clear but *stretchy* mucus a sign that you are NOT pregnant (since the stretchy happens when you ovulate)?



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