When Will I Be Ovulating

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June - June 7

Iam trying to get pregnant but I can't get my ovulating days right.I had my period on the 30 of may so when is the right time for intercourse. Thanx


Nena - June 7

We are in the same boat. I had my period 31 May and we should ovulate around 14-15-16 June. How long do you have your period? Did you take any medication or you are just trying natyral. I am taking shots to induce my ovulation and hopefully I will ovulate this month :o) *~*~*~*~* Baby dust *~*~*~*~*


Paula - June 7

To get a close pinpoint on you o date we need to know how long are your af. I know a good program for tracking your temps and poss o dates. The website is www.hormonalforecaster.com. It is very helpful. I used it this month and it forecaster very accurate for me. I took opk and I was + on the days it said I would be. I hope this helps. Baby Dust to you~~~~~


Amy - June 7

I am new to this website, but Nena sounds like me, I just got thru taking a fertility treatment and involving shots and I have to wait 6 more nail biting days, my husband and i have been trying for 3 years. Have you been trying for a while and what kind of shots are you taking?


Chriss - June 7

June, in order to predict ovulation you should track your cycles for a few months and in the meantime, keep your eyes open for the cervical mucas changes that occur during ovulation. Usually around mid-way your cycle you will notice a clear discharge, sort of like egg white, but not necessarily. As soon as you start to see this, you can expect ovulation within 3 days of this (give or take) the mucas will get thicker as it gets closer to Ovulation time. OR you can buy Ovulation Predictor kits, which work in the same way as a pregnancy test, they just tell you that you are O'ing. OR you could start charting your BBT. Try using this site. www.fertilityfriend.com. Good luck to you and I do hope this helps!!!


Nena - June 8

To Amy.I am taking Menogon 75 ml from the 3rd day of my cycle, every second day. Today I have the last menogon day 9 of my cycle. Than I have to go today and check my follicles, and than I have another shot Pregnyl 1500ml. I am TTC for 5 years. What about you Amy, what kind of treatment you have? Feel free to write me at [email protected]



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