When Will My Miscarriage Happen

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Angie - March 25

I went to the dr. on Wednesday and my levels had dropped from 1644 to 1442. He told me it wasnt a healthy pregnancy and asked if I had started bleeding yet. I haven't but was wondering if anyone has an approxomite idea. I'm so depressed and if its going to happen I just want it to happen. I'm scared and upset and dont know how to deal with this. Please if someone could let me know I'd greatly appreciate it.


to angie - March 25

im sorry to hear this.x


Christina - March 25

I don't know anything about the miscarriage but I will be praying for you. Best Wishes and hang in there, who knows maybe it won't happen after all! God Bless You!


Grandpa Viv - March 25

This must be upsetting! Thanks to medical science they now give you advanced warning of an unwelcome event. http://www.obfocus.com/questions/qanda7.htm (no hyphens) will give you an idea of where you are relative to the normal range, but exactly when is another question. So sorry!


Jena - March 25

I'm in the same boat - only my #s were 2 and then 12 - so it's just not a viable pregnancy... I'm really upset too and I know that if you are sure it's a miscarriage you can have a D&C if you want to get on with TTC, but I'm scared to death of those! Good luck and know you aren't alone...


ria - March 25

whats a D &C?


Cathy - March 25

Angie-I'm so sorry about the sad news. Did you feel like the pregnancy wasn't going right? How many weeks are you? best wishes


Angie - March 25

Cathy I am 5-6 weeks and had a miscarriage Feb 2004. I had had a tubal litigation in 2002 and then the dr. told me I hadn't had a miscarriage. Found out I was pregnant on March 14. Had an ultrasound monday and they found the baby in the uterus. I felt the pregnancy was normal and still do so I dont know what is going on. I didnt know if maybe your levels can start rising again. If anyone knows please let me know.


Jena - March 25

D&C = sometimes you know you are going to miscarry (confirmed by doctor) and it can take a really long time so you can have the miscarriage done medically - it's pretty common but not talked about too much becuase it's really sad....


mulgajill - March 26

It can take weeks for your body to recognise the baby is not growing, which is why i would never have early ultrasound.... last time i was 11 weeks when i miscarried but told the baby had stopped growing 7-8 weeks, my miscarriage happened on the day of the u/s and but had cramping/spotting a few days before.... had i had early ultrasound i guess i would have either had to opt for waiting hell or D&C... sorry to everyone who has to go through this.... xx


mulgajill - March 26

Jena... how early were your tests taken? I would not give up all hope, if the numbers were 12 then 2 it would be different, but if they are doubling every 48 hours or less you may stay pregnant.... even if you know when ovulation occured, it is not until implantation that the hcg starts being produced... so a few days can make all the difference....


Petra - March 26

I was in my 8th week and started to spot. The us confirmed that the baby had stopped developing 3 weeks before. I made another app. to see the dr. two weeks later. We then decided to schedule d/e b/c miscarriage did not happen. But the next evening I did loose om my own. Still had the d/e ... which was nothing like what I expected... (big scary thoughts..) I stayed in the hospital for a few hours. But I felt great... all things considered.... Good luck, I know the waiting is the worst. But believe me, time does go by.... We are ready to try again... just hang in there.


jena to mulgajill - March 26

thank you for your support - i was tested at 10 days late for AF - I have two more tests scheduled for Monday and Wednesday, so we are really praying that I had JUST gotten pregnant and that the levels will be in high hundreds or preferably thousands on monday!!! but i know it's a chance - so we'll see. thanks again.


Nica - March 26

I'm so sorry. Is he going to get an ultrasound done? I found out at 7 weeks that mine wasn't viable - the ultrasound didn't show a heartbeat. I waited for 2 weeks but still no cramps or bleeding or anything. I had another ultrasound just to be sure and still no heartbeat and still measuring at 7 weeks, and my morning sickness had gone away. I had a D&C just a few days later (almost a week ago). After the D&C I bled just once, when i first went to the toilet,and after that no bleeding at all. Sometimes you just dont miscarry by yourself, you need help like a D&C. I


Angie - March 27

Thank you all for your support. I started bleeding a little bit this morning so I'm a__suming this is the beginning to the end. I have come to terms that I'm losing my baby as much as I can come to terms with I suppose. I just hope that after two miscarriages I can still have another little one.. thank you all very much and hope you all have better news than me. Good luck and god bless.


Pam - March 27

For those who've had a m/c....is it ok not to go to the dr after what appeared to be a m/c? If the fetal tissue pa__sed on it's own, is it necessary to have any further procedures done?


Angie - March 27

Pam you probably should go ahead and go back to the dr so they can do a check and make sure that everything was pa__sed as it should be. If not then you could get an infection and have serious complications. I hope this helps you.



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