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ultrasound question - May 13

I DONT BELIVE IN THE PEE TESTS... iv herd alot of stories on it and i would just want to get an ultrasound just to hqave an accurate aswer.... when( how fara long) would be the best time to get an ultrasound????????? how far after you miss your period??????????????


MEghan - May 13

well, I don't think the dr will give you one unless you have tested positive for a blood test. I would ask the dr for a blood test if you are a couple days late. They were able to give me an ultrasound on my 5th week of pregnancy, which was about a week after AF. The pee tests worked for me, so if you are stuck just buy one at the $ store, they are actually VERY good.


to meghan - May 13

i actualy did buy one.... this is why dont like it... because..... alright... i was having s_x from april 16th-27th... for some reason for me my dates where off and i felt that i was supoe to get my af on the 18th..... well actualy on the 27th is when i took the test... i tooook two of them... i took the ept test tha one that is the didgital read out... i toook it and for some reason( i did everythin right) the sayings wernt coming up... well.... i egected the stick and i looked at the lines and the lines had two.. well a couple hrs later i tooook another one... and again it didn come up and i egeced the stick and it only had barly one line coming threrw...( conunsadently, i got what i thought was my period on the 2th but was just a day n ahalf of lil bleedng that can only see when i went to the restorom)... i have herd alot of stories on it and i would like to get a blood test and an ultrasiund but i have herd that the best way to see if you are is just seeing it live n your stomcah... and also for the blood test you have to wait a while and that is tooooooo long for me to waittttt


Kay - May 13

Well if you think waiting for a blood test takes a long time you are in for a big shock - until about 6 weeks you will only see the sac in an ultrasound - no baby until after that. Maybe you are really early on and your second urine sample didn't have enough hcg in it to pick up the second time. Do a test with your first wee in the morning and you should be right.


jena - May 13

you'll be able to get a blood test WAY before you are able to get an ultrasound - my doctor is very generous with ultrasounds but I don't even think she would do one without a positive blood or urine test first.


littlemrsb - May 13

I did 3 tests before I went to the dr. They weren't the digital ones, but the lines were so faint and took very long to show up, that I felt really unsure (I was also told I might not be able to have children, so I was pretty skeptical) Anyway, I went to the Dr. and their urine test came up quickly and definately. I was only 5 wks along (so only 3 wks. gestation) so it was really early when I started testing. I would say that just seeing a doctor will help set your mind at ease. Let them know your concerns, and if they are a good Dr. they will help you know for sure. I saw my first u/s at 10 weeks and the baby was definately there, but so small! I think it would be better to have a blood test if the urine tests aren't working. Good luck!



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