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angry s.o.b. - October 9

My question is where is the help in determining the signs of pregnancy. i don't know about the other categories but Signs of Pregnancy is definately not getting it done. First, why are there so many irrelevent post on here. no one cares if you just found out you were pregnant or if you are having trouble naming your baby or if you want to kill your baby. all we care about or should care about is the signs of pregnancy. Second, why are there so many relevant questions not being answered. someone has to have some idea about a question since so many people on here are pregnant which brings me to a whole other subject - why are you here if not to answer questions concerning the signs of pregnancy. you should not be trying to start a chat room on the forum or forming "let's wait together" groups. you should be soley answering questions that are continuously being disregarded. i think it is a shame that you can click on a topic that has absolutely nothing to do with the signs of pregnancy (such as this one) and see more replies than a topic that actually concerns signs of pregnancy. i am not bashing this forum. it has potential to help. but i am forced to ask "where is this help". some of you should quit being selfish and actually try to help people who need help.


what about you - October 9

instead of making this thread you could be answering questions.anyways i'm back to helping people.*baby dust*


angry s.o.b. - October 9

although i am a woman, i have no experience in the area of signs of pregnany. i found myself to the site to ask questions about my body but people fail to help me. when i see questions that have nothing to do with the signs of pregnancy being answered, i am shocked


to angry - October 9

I think we all come here hoping our little signs of this and that will result in us being pregnant before our tests come out positive. I too get caught up in the weeding through the "chat" verses the actual sharing of stories that HELP us get through this stage of trying to get pregnant. I know there is enough here to help me calm my craziness and i am glad there are women here that will respond and help share their experiences. baby dust to you all!!!!


annoyed too - October 9

Unfortunately, this forum seems to be about people being more conecerned with thier own possible signs then helping others. If you scrol down, there are at least 4 or 5 similar ifnot identical threads, which leads me to believe that everyone is just concerned about themselves and are not interested in other people's signs. Half of these people just need to wait and see if their period shows up. If not, then test. Sorry if this upsets some of you, but you know it is true. HOWEVER, from experience, if people do not know the answer to your question, they tend not to answer you also. Some people do care and are not cliquey with thier chat threads. Your right, it does have potential, so lets make it that way! Good luck to everyone!


c - October 9

a lot of the women on the forum who post a thread t_tled "i'm pregnant!!" or "bfp!!" usually do it to let the rest of us know they got their bfp and would be happy to share their signs and answer questions. i have found this forum to be a lot of help through my m/c and ttc... if you join a thread you would be surprised to see how much help there is out there. it is not selfish for people to post the same question as someone else... if it is then i guess we are all selfish because aren't we all here to get answers? i know when i do finally get pregnant, i will be one of the women who announce it to everyone so i can help the rest of those ttc identify their early symptoms....


to angry sob - October 9

well, if you are only here to ask questions yourself, then aren't you being a little selfish like us. don't hypocrits just p.y.o.


To SOB - October 9

What's your question?


Maggie - October 9

Maybe no one is answering you because you're an s.o.b..


Mel - October 9

Perhaps if you take the time to read some of threads where people appear to just be chatting, you will find lots of helpful info as ladies share their symptoms throughout the month and pa__s on info about other useful sites. The chat just pa__ses the time during the awful 2ww and lets women support each other during this time.


to those who have quest - October 10

sometimes its best to get in with the chat and maybe u will find it more helpful. Try posting to GRANDPA VIV he is very helpful and knows his stuff.


Indie - October 10

Dear Angry SOB, Frankly, I think your problem is not this forum...it's your negativity. Yes, there are forums that go off topic, but when you stick a bunch of want to be pregnant women in one place what do you expect? We are all here because we want to be moms or aren't ready to be mom's or aren't sure...and we are trying to avoid stressing over the 2ww and vagueries of symptoms. There are no definitive answers to signs of pregnancy because the truth is every woman is different. Whereever you go, the overwhelming answer is that each woman may have different signs and symptoms or no signs, or completely wierd signs... As to the let's wait together groups...one of the main things that is discussed is each person's signs...if you read through them, you'd see...it's about each of us on our journey, what we experienced along the way, and the final result. Those that get BFPs generously share their symptoms, those that get BFNs get moral support and a feeling that there is hope, seeing others in similar circ_mstances have success. So, if you don't like this site, or the fact that an OPEN forum is not regimented to meet your needs, go elsewhere. If you need "HELP" ask your question and I am sure there will be a dozen eager strangers there to offer you advice. My advice: lighten up!


Jen - October 10

I disagree, I care if someone finds out they are pregnant. They give us symptoms that they had and other help. If I know answers to peoples' questions I give my advice/experiences, if I don't know I don't answer...unlike the people who give false answers.


Jen - October 10

Sorry, one more thing. If I don't get an answer to my question I don't take it personal...I conduct my own search with google or yahoo and see what I can find. You'd be surprised at things I find, I really suggest you try it too : )


Cindy - October 10

Don't rely on this website - go get your own information and do your own research. I like this website but I have found MANY other ones that have better information and it is laid out easier on the web design. To each their own. Personally, I have no desire to help anyone who calls themself an 'angry sob.'


to angry - October 10

Who are YOU to tell us what we "should" and "should not" be doing on this forum. Some of us have been here for month and months waiting to get a bfp, and in the mean time we've made some friends. Some of those friends have gotten pregnant in the mean time and have been ASKED to stick around and give us encouragment. What is wrong with that? Maybe if you would take some time to read through the posts you would find our own answers. It's not like we are paid to come on here and answer your questions. It is totally voluntary, so maybe if you were a little nicer you would get your questions answered. No one wants to deal with an "angry s.o.b." in a place like this.


hi - October 10

hi ladies,usually i would ignore this post like i do the others that cause conflict.but i'm pregnant and displeased so i'm going to respond.first off the "wait with me "groups you seem to think are idiotic.well maybe you should think of it this way.there are several women waiting sharing any and every symptom they have and at the end of the thread you see who got pregnant.use it as a tool,go back through the thread look at her symptoms and then watch for your own.how is that not helpful where pregnancy symptoms are concerned?ok next,yes people here DO care who got BFP's,once again another chance to see what they did/didn't do,their symptoms,etc.i personally like to think that the women i have had the pleasure to talk to on here are so supportive ,helpful ,and caring.i fail to see how someone could rant and rave with such negativity about this site.true not every question gets answered,some of mine haven't.that doesn't mean i in turn hate this site and that all people on it are mean selfish people.it just means sometimes questions fall through the cracks.which is why i'd recomend bumping the thread you ask your question on.keep up top so others can see it.it is true some use this site as a playground or for bashing others,it's sad but come on how many of us can name some people we know in our daily lives that are childish and such???ignore those only trying to cause trouble.i personally think the person that started this post is being selfish.they want answers,they need help.why don't you save your time and try to help someone else angry s.o.b??this post alone is entirely selfish and i've spoke my peace and gave this thread more time than it deserved.but this site deserves more respect,the more people that respect it the more help there will be to find.good luck complaining and looking at the negative.



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