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hi - October 10

hi ladies,usually i would ignore this post like i do the others that cause conflict.but i'm pregnant and displeased so i'm going to respond.first off the "wait with me "groups you seem to think are idiotic.well maybe you should think of it this way.there are several women waiting sharing any and every symptom they have and at the end of the thread you see who got pregnant.use it as a tool,go back through the thread look at her symptoms and then watch for your own.how is that not helpful where pregnancy symptoms are concerned?ok next,yes people here DO care who got BFP's,once again another chance to see what they did/didn't do,their symptoms,etc.i personally like to think that the women i have had the pleasure to talk to on here are so supportive ,helpful ,and caring.i fail to see how someone could rant and rave with such negativity about this site.true not every question gets answered,some of mine haven't.that doesn't mean i in turn hate this site and that all people on it are mean selfish people.it just means sometimes questions fall through the cracks.which is why i'd recomend bumping the thread you ask your question on.keep up top so others can see it.it is true some use this site as a playground or for bashing others,it's sad but come on how many of us can name some people we know in our daily lives that are childish and such???ignore those only trying to cause trouble.i personally think the person that started this post is being selfish.they want answers,they need help.why don't you save your time and try to help someone else angry s.o.b??this post alone is entirely selfish and i've spoke my peace and gave this thread more time than it deserved.but this site deserves more respect,the more people that respect it the more help there will be to find.good luck complaining and looking at the negative.


Angry SOB is right... - October 10

While I dont agree with the approach that was used, I think a lot of us find it frustrating to be ignored. Out of all the forums on this web site, this one is the worst and is notorious for having 100 different posts in a hour. Often times, many posts are thrown to the bottom because of the sheer number of new posts. Its not personal, and I agree with the others..While annoying, if you dont like it, you should find somewhere else to post your questions.


Kris - October 10

The whole reason for this site is to be a place where people can talk. Some can help while others only read so they can feel better about what is going on with them. We all want answers NOW but that is not always what can happen. And not every question can be answered, We can only guess sometimes. Please dont get so upset with this site. I have gotten alot of answers and I'v been able to answer a few questions myself. Remember we are not Doc.s. There are a few on here but not many. All i can say is keep trying and you should get an answer....Baby Dust to all!!!!


my help for miss angry - October 10

quit being a pessimist. nothing is perfect so you have to take the good with the bad. there is more than likely a answer to your question somewhere on this forum. you should try reading through the post and maybe you'll find it. sometimes people get tired of answering the same questions all the time so maybe that's why your question wasn't answered. then again some people may not know what your talking about and it may take a few days for some one with experience to answer if they even see it. i like miss angry better


Athena - October 10

Well if we don't know the answer to questions we have OURSELVES... which is why we are here in the first place, how do you expect us to constantly be answering everyone elses questions and providing expert help? It's not like there is a PA or a nurse hosting the forum!! It sounds like you should go to a dr or go to other sites that simply provide textbook answers about symptoms. A great deal of us are here because we enjoy the friendship and we don't want to go through the wondering and waiting alone. I totally disagree with you that Signs of Pregnancy isn't "getting it done." If support, answers and understanding in the form of discussions about pregnancy symptoms is annoying to you, don't hang out at a DISCUSSION forum.



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